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May 2005

Former Husker punter Scott Gemar passes away.
The Big 12 may support a 5-year plan for football eligibility.
Milt Tenopir has nice things to say about the current coaches.
The Independence Bowl faces competition for its Big 12 spot.
Individual votes in the final Coaches' Poll will be made public.
Instant replay* is expected to get approval for this fall in the Big 12, but the coach's challenge gets voted down.*
Cory Schlesinger and Dominic Raiola are involved with Detroit charities.
Steve Pederson* and other ADs* see no reason to change the Big 12 alignment.*
Joe Dailey accepts a scholarship at North Carolina.
Vince Ferragamo has a fan club site. Get his corn cob signature pen. His 23rd annual golf tournament is June 7th for Special Olympics and other charities.
Walk-ons Blake Tiedtke and Newton Lingenfelter earn scholarships* for 2005.
A documentary company is looking for America's greatest fan.
The Sporting News picks Iowa State to win the Big 12 North.
Does Nebraska have a Big RED advantage?
Scott Downing keeps busy during the offseason.
The OWH has some preseason* Big 12 comments.
Joe Dailey* gets scholarship offers from North Carolina and Rutgers.
Future recruits from the California wine country?
The depth chart for QB at Pitt may be getting thinner.
Tom Shatel thinks Nebraska and Oklahoma* should play each other every year.
Former coach Ron Brown is holding Jesus Nation* meetings around the state.
Darren DeLone cannot accept donations from fans.
Eric Crouch has an update for week 6 of the Hamburg Sea Devils.
Ivan Maisel has Nebraska number 16 in an ESPN preseason poll.
Father's Day idea: Johnny Rodgers autographed Devaney Era and Game of the Century DVDs. Limited quantities available.
Dave Wannstedt is busy putting in a new offense and defense* at Pitt.
Former OWH writer Dave Sittler thinks Coach Callahan needs to get "a clue".*
DeLone's* getting back on track.
Mike Ditka feels that NU is on the right track with Coach Callahan.
Eric Crouch has an update from NFL Europe.
Sixty Huskers graduated Saturday.
Ndamukong Suh can't wait to get to Lincoln.
Joe Dailey finishes classes and heads home.*
Recruit Robert Rands breaks another long jump record.
Here are some free video clips to enjoy in the offseason.
Darren DeLone is found not guilty. Oklahoma to change policies.
Get Scotty's Meat "Rx" and Husker BBQ sauce and utensils for the summer. Both were served at the HuskerPedia™ tailgate.
Fabian Washington shows Raiders he's a pro at overcoming adversity.
6-6 QB Josh Freeman* from Kansas City has the Huskers on his list.
Tom Osborne announces he'll run for governor* instead of a fourth term in Congress.
Husker Dan interviews Myles from Iraq.
The hand made Corn Cob Pens now come in RED and free gift wrapping for Father's Day.
Defense in the DeLone* trial suggests officer led Ruf/Nek to make complaint and an Oklahoma fan says the players were off balance during a drill.
Opening opponent Maine finishes Spring Practice on Saturday.
The Raiders are high on Fabian Washington and Barrett Ruud has a Nebraska connection with the Bucs and is named captain on his first day in camp.
John Henderson of the Denver Post offers his view of the Spring Game.
Ryan Goodman will transfer.