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March 2014

31 MON
The offense looks good* as practices resume after spring break. | H’Max Report | Video | Photos | Audio | Lewis update: 1,* 2* | Tweets
Former Husker Zack Bowman will join the Giants' secondary this season.
The Big Ten Network* will televise the spring game on a tape-delayed basis April 12 at 7 p.m. CDT.
Practices resume today after a 10-day pause. Here's the schedule.
30 SUN
Quarterback Tommy Armstrong is working this spring at making smarter decisions.* | Roster analysis*
There's optimism about the O-line* despite the heavy loss of experience.
This week in Husker history: Just 20 players report for wartime spring drills.
29 SAT
Steve Sipple will be the guest speaker at the Washington Cornhuskers' Spring Event on May 4th in Seattle.
The fans have spoken – and here's the image that will appear on Home­coming game tickets to commemorate 125 seasons of Nebraska football.
28 FRI
Tom Osborne is the featured guest for Big Red of the Rockies' spring banquet in Estes Park, Colo., on June 7.
Hear UNL economics prof Scott Fuess discuss the Northwestern case's ramifictions. He sees changes coming but doubts there will ultimately be unionized collegiate athletes.
27 THU
Linebacker Michael Rose is looking to build on his strong finish* to 2013.
Last year's late-season improvement on the defensive line appears to be continuing this spring, Mitch Sherman writes.
Experts in labor law say the Northwestern ruling* isn't the final word.
26 WED
In an interview with SI.com, Carl Pelini emphatically denies drug use and says, "I just want the truth out there."
Northwestern football players qualify as employees and can unionize, the Chicago district of the National Labor Relations Board rules. | Discuss
Watch as a woman's photo shot with Bo Pelini turns into a surprise reunion with her soldier husband.
Go 15:20 into this segment for Jay Foreman's thoughts on whether Maliek Collins could be effective as a defensive end.
Film study* is elevating Charles Jackson's game at nickel.*
25 TUE
See this feature on Kenny Walker, who overcame deafness to become a Husker All-American and now coaches at a Denver-area high school. | Bio
Check out these moments from the first half of spring drills.
Hear Rob Zatechka's thoughts about spring football, then and now.
ESPN.com says the Huskers have the Big Ten West's top skill-position trio on offense in Tommy Armstrong, Ameer Abdullah and Kenny Bell.
The addition of Kenny Wilhite* to the recruiting staff becomes official.
Ndamukong Suh is No. 3 on Athlon's ranking of top Big 12 players of the BCS era, and Dominic Raiola and Eric Crouch also make the list.
24 MON
Josh Mitchell has taken on a new role as vocal leader* on defense.
Randy York counts six reasons to get your spring game tickets now.
23 SUN
Brian Christopherson offers 11 observations* at halftime of spring drills.
Tad Stryker sees defensive improvement as the key to getting the Huskers out of their four-loss rut.
This week in Husker history: Even 100 years ago, spring meant spring ball.
22 SAT
New drills* are aimed at improving Nebraska's punt return unit.
Bo Pelini says spring break* gives the players a chance to re-energize, but he cautions them to act wisely.
Derek Johnson reflects on the stumbling end to a positive Nebraska men's basketball season and looks forward to next year.
21 FRI
Alex Lewis* gets a 45-day jail sentence in his Boulder assault case.
DT Maliek Collins' athleticism* makes him an option at defensive end.*
20 THU
Former Husker Kenny Wilhite reportedly is joining NU's recruiting staff.
Gear up with Husker basketball shirts, caps and more.
Bo Pelini says Ryne Reeves’ injury is being treated as a cervical strain* and that he's likely to return to practice sometime after spring break.
Michael Rose discusses the Huskers' defensive progress in this video.
19 WED
Taariq Allen has vanquished the darkness* that came after his knee injury.
Former Husker John Parrella joins the staff at Northern Michigan. | Bio
Mark Pelini aims to fill the job once held by his role model,* Mike Caputo.
Ryne Reeves is carried on a stretcher from Wednesday's practice in what Bo Pelini called a cautionary move. There will be a scrimmage Thursday. | H’Max Report | Notes: 1, 2,* 3,* | Video | Audio | Spring schedule
C.J. Zimmerer and the story of Jack Hoffman elevated last weekend's Maxwell Club awards gala. | Team Jack coverage
Nebraska at Wisconsin figures to be the Big Ten's biggest Week 12 game.
Tommy Armstrong and the receivers are working hard at getting in sync* with route adjustments. | Fyfe's opportunity*
18 TUE
Larenzo Stewart, a running back in last month's Husker recruiting class, is set to enroll at Iowa Western* in hopes of qualifying* at NU in two years.
Vote for the iconic image that best captures 125 seasons of NU football.
The rebuilt O-line is developing a chemistry, Jake Cotton says.
Tight end Trey Foster's blocking* has become his niche. | Notes*
17 MON
Tommy Armstrong likes the slimmer ball the team now uses.
Trevor Roach* is back in the hunt at linebacker after a difficult rehab.
The offense* is working its way deeper into the playbook. More from Monday's practice: HuskerMax Report | Notes: 1, 2,* 3, 4* | Official report | Video | Audio
Coach Charlton Warren has had to learn on the fly.* | D-line preview
16 SUN
A week into spring drills, Sam McKewon assesses the QBs* and more.
The Husker men are a No. 11 seed and will make their first NCAA hoops tournament appearance since 1998 in a game against Baylor in San Antonio. A win would likely mean a game against Creighton in the next round. | Video | Photos | Brackets | Discuss | Tickets
Here's more on coach Bill Glassford, 100 years young.
It's a slow news week for the latest Husker history installment.
15 SAT
The linebackers, green and looking for leaders a year ago, are now making strides* and having fun. | McMullen's surge*
Adam Taylor* and Imani Cross shine in Saturday's scrimmage. More: HuskerMax report | Notes: 1,* 2,* 3* | Pelini video
14 FRI
Husker commit Kendall Bussey* wins running back MVP honors at a Rivals camp in Mississippi.
The defense appears to be on much stronger footing than a year ago.
Nate Gerry sees safety* as a “more natural” fit. | Week in review
Formerly under the radar, LeRoy Alexander* is turning heads now. | Notes*
13 THU
Alex Lewis* has made an early impression at OT. | More on Gregory: 1,* 2
Vincent Valentine* is no longer just a big guy running around.
Defensive end Randy Gregory is confident he'll meet his goals – on the field and on the scales. | Notes: 1,* 2,* 3,* 4
I-back Imani Cross isn't satisfied with the status quo* for his game.
Tommy Armstrong likes Jake Cotton's fire* on the offensive line.
12 WED
The Huskers have their first full-pads practice of spring, and Bo Pelini* says Trevor Roach* is a leader among the linebackers. More: HuskerMax Report | Photos: 1, 2 | Video | Audio
Husker Dan says Bo Pelini should be thankful for last year's schedule.
Jay Foreman has some positive early impressions from spring drills.
Terrell Newby and Imani Cross say the I-back competition is a good thing.
Nebrasketball fans' loyalty has been rewarded, Derek Johnson writes.
“Bo from Lincoln” calls in to Darin Erstad on “Sports Nightly.”
The O-line seems to be transitioning well so far under its new leaders.*
11 TUE
Mitch Sherman breaks down the quarterback race in Lincoln.
NU at Michigan State is shaping up as another high-profile matchup.
Athlon Sports ranks the Big Ten's coaching jobs and has Nebraska fourth.
Tommy Armstrong's leadership* on offense is evident, but he's taking nothing for granted* in the quarterback competition. | Notes: 1, 2,* 3*
Ameer Abdullah sets the tone* in the Husker locker room with his no-nonsense approach to the game, Steve Sipple writes.
Former Husker assistant Jerry Moore is inducted into the Southern Conference Hall of Fame.
10 MON
Jamal Turner discusses his work at QB* as the Huskers wrap up their second practice of spring. | HuskerMax Report | Video | Spring schedule
Dave Feit is delighted he was wrong about Tim Miles.
09 SUN
Josh Mitchell knows that intensity* on defense can't wait until fall.
Kenny Bell admires Tommy Armstrong's work ethic* as the receiver and quarterback cultivate a connection.
The Huskers will seek a rebound in production at tight end.
The Team Jack gala was a night to educate and motivate.
Saturday's practice featured good vibes* all around and an air of improved confidence* on defense. Notes: 1,* 2,* 3*
This week in Husker history: A Russian-born former Husker becomes the head football coach and athletic director at Marquette.
The Team Jack gala in Lincoln makes a girl's dream come true.
08 SAT
Jamal Turner knows it's now or never after a difficult junior season.
07 FRI
Defensive tackle Vincent Valentine is still a work in progress physically but approaches spring ball with boosted confidence. | Previewing the secondary
CBSSports.com columnist Gregg Doyel interviews Bo Pelini and discovers he's no dragon away from the sidelines.
Millard schoolkids get a nutrition lesson from Roy Helu Jr.
The Athletic Department confirms* that Bo Pelini has received a contract extension. | Discuss
Eight dozen candles won't be quite enough for former Nebraska coach Bill Glassford, who turns 100 on Saturday.
ESPN's Big Ten bloggers look forward to the Miami-Nebraska game.
Athlon previews spring drills and predicts a season of 7 to 9 wins.
Position previews: Defensive backs* and running backs.
Rob Zatechka talks hoops and the opening of spring ball to the media.
06 THU
Husker Dan invites you to hunt or just hang out with the Huskers.
Spencer Long* has a good showing at pro day in the bench press, and Taylor Martinez does drills* at multiple positions.* | Numbers* | Video
Trev Alberts and Eric Crouch are on the College Football Hall of Fame ballot again this year, as is former Husker Allen Zikmund for his coaching at Kearney State.
More position previews: Receivers | D-line | O-line | I-back | QB
It's pro day* Thursday in Lincoln, and that means Jeremiah Sirles and several others face one of the most important workouts of their lives.
05 WED
Shawn Eichorst says it's too soon to say whether Bo Pelini will get a contract extension beyond the next four seasons.
The proposed 10-second snap rule is shelved. | McKewon commentary
Corn Nation previews the comptition at wide receiver and quarterback.
Sam McKewon examines what might go into Tim Beck's task of making the offense simpler and more efficient.
Hear what Jay Foreman will be watching for during spring drills.
Charlton Warren had an immediate impact on recruiting, and now the attention turns to his coaching abilities.
The LJS looks at the special teams* heading into spring ball.
04 TUE
Here are the spring schedules of Nebraska and its opponents. | 2 halves*
Lloyd Carr remains bothered by Michigan's 1997 title split with Nebraska. | Discuss
Spencer Long and gymnast Emily Wong give Nebraska its second consecutive sweep of the Big Ten's Wayne Duke Postgraduate Awards.
Derek Johnson beholds the resurgence of Nebrasketball.
Juco transfers Joe Keels and Byerson Cockrell are seen as potential immediate-impact guys on defense.
The main competition at I-back* is for the No. 2 spot.
03 MON
Reserve your spot on the HuskerMax Fresno State ticket/tailgate package.
Spring might be a time for a receiver or two to step into a bigger role.
Corn Nation looks at former Huskers' chances in the NFL draft.
The LJS looks at the competition at the linebacker* spots.
02 SUN
Tom Shatel sees Bo Pelini relaxing his grip.* | Q&A with Sipple | Curveball
Curt Tomasevicz: The wisdom of the three-time Olympian.
There’s real competition at QB* for the first time since 2010. | Overview*
This week in Husker history: Kevin Steele joins Tom Osborne's staff as linebackers coach.
Ex-Husker Braylon Heard hopes his improved flexibility pays dividends on the playing field at Kentucky.
01 SAT
Khalil and Carlos Davis, twin defensive linemen* from Blue Springs, Mo., commit* to the Huskers for 2015.
Alfonzo Dennard begins serving his 60-day jail sentence in Lincoln.
There's experience but still plenty of room for development on the D-line.