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February 2006

Three of four new receivers are from California.
As Cory Ross prepares for the next level, he recalls when he was a lineman.
Steve Sipple has a Q&A session with former OU coach Barry Switzer.
Curt Tomasevicz' teammate needs votes to get onto the Apprentice TV show.
Is '06 the year when Callahan's plan comes to fruition?
Events Director Butch Hug enjoys track meets as much as home games.
Charlie McBride joins the official HuskerPedia™ USC travel package.
Barry Switzer joins Tom Osborne's* team.
Husker Dan has his 2005 review and 2006 preview.
CollegeFootballNews.com has a Big 12 preview and a team-by-team breakdown.
Miami, Nebraska and others vie for Omaha Central O-lineman Harland Gunn.*
Is Nebraska becoming a brand name again?
NU ticket sales have been removed* from the USC website.
Greg Austin says his chronically sore right knee feels "OK".
Fabian Washington gives advice for the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.
Dennis Wagner looks to two transfers for immediate help on the O-line.
Cosgrove: Huskers will keep 4-3 defense in 2006.
Kyle Vanden Bosch receives a four year contract extension with the Titans.
Michael Kelly remembers Monte Engebritson.*
Kevin Cosgrove says staying was the right thing to do.
Eric Crouch officially signs with the Toronto Argonauts.
Jon Gruden to highlight Nebraska spring coaches clinic.
Cory Ross pursues his NFL dream.
Kyle Vanden Bosch's impressive Pro Bowl showing helps his free agent status.
Eric Crouch is close to signing with Toronto.
George Darlington will return to Lincoln Sept. 2 - as a Louisiana Tech assistant.
Thirty-one Huskers make the Big 12 Commissioner's Honor Roll.
The Husker Youth Experience is set for March 25.
Curt Tomasevicz tells how he came to be an Olympic bobsledder.
Eric Crouch expects to sign soon* as a QB with Toronto of the CFL.
The Husker Elvises launch their website.
Will former players help or hurt Tom Osborne's bid for governor?
Receiver Tyrell Spain stays true to his school.*
Tickets to the spring game go on sale. Only 57,000 seats available this year.
Roger Craig runs marathons, does charity work and predicts Super Bowl winner.
Curt Tomasevicz,* a former NU linebacker/fullback, heads to the Olympics.
The Huskers look forward to the return of key players from injury.
See how ex-Huskers have fared in Super Bowl games.
Coach Callahan unveils in-state recruiting* plans.
Tierre Green's bright orange shoes aren't enought for the 60-meter race.
Sean Callahan will be the speaker at the Iowans 4 Nebraska recruiting special.
Bill Busch's savvy in recruiting* gets noticed.
Husker Dan interviews Kent Pavelka.
Charlie McBride will be the speaker at the Californians for Nebraska banquet.
Bill Callahan unveils the new recruits and says the class of 2006 should help NU compete for championships. Coverage: OWH* (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), LJS (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), GII* (1, 2), Daily Nebraskan (1, 2, 3), KETV, NSP
Signing* day arrives with NU still in the running for one more* highly rated recruit.