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May 2008

Get your dad autographed items from Bob Devaney and other Husker legends.
Sam Keller signs with the L.A. Avengers of the Arena Football League. Meanwhile, Eric Crouch wonders whether his football days are over.
Zack Bowman discusses his injury-marred NU career and fresh start in Chicago.
High expectations aren't just a football phenomenon at NU, Tad Stryker writes.
The role of the fullback is this week's "Obsessions" topic.
The LJS sizes up the Huskers' 2008 opponents.
The Dallas paper looks at Tom Osborne's ideas* for changing college athletics.
Mike Leach deals with soaring expectations at Texas Tech.
Are there too many bowls? Some see it as simple supply and demand.
Former Husker quarterback Mike Grant again finds himself on the opposing side.
Jack Mildren, the Oklahoma QB in the 1971 Game of the Century, dies at 58.
The sharing of TV money remains a hot issue for the Big 12.
A Husker fan gets a visit in Lincoln with ESPN's Gameday crew.
Willie Miller is ordered to stand trial in a road-rage incident.
The Big 12 commissioner proposes five years of eligibility with no redshirting.
Maurice Purify faces a June 23 court date in Lincoln.
Husker coaches aren't afraid to trust their eyes when pursuing future players.
This week's "Obsession": The Tunnel Walk.
KETV airs its interview with Bo Pelini.
NU-Colorado is set for a 2:30 p.m. kickoff as the Big 12 and the networks firm up plans for Thanksgiving weekend.
Father's Day gift idea: reduced price on For Husker Fans Only book.
Seth Jensen lands in Pueblo, Colo., after leaving the NU program.
Bo Pelini on his defense of Frank Solich: "If people don't like that, tough."
The Mike Tranmer story serves as inspiration to all walk-ons.
Tom Osborne has a few issues for the Big 12 to chew on. | Thursday notes.
Frank Solich is bringing his postgraduate scholarship back to the Athletic Dept.
Omaha Gross fullback C.J. Zimmerer commits to the recruiting class of 2009.
You've seen his game-day columns out of North Platte. Now Tad Stryker makes his debut as a HuskerPedia contributor.
ESPN.com's Tim Griffin breaks down the Big 12 North.
Bo Pelini makes a stop in South Sioux City.
Fabian Washington makes an impression on the Ravens.
Carl Pelini and Tim Beck will speak to North Texas Nebraskans on May 19. Carl will be in Estes Park on May 25.
Be the first on your block to get the new Pelini Nation shirt.
The short-side option is this week's LJS "Obsession" topic.
Bo Pelini pleases crowds with his straight, if not polished, talk.
Pre-order your Pelini/Osborne collectible coin.
Clete Blakeman moves up to NFL officiating.
Frank Solich got the short end of the stick, Bo Pelini tells an Omaha audience.
Stewart Bradley is the Philadelphia Eagles' new man in the middle. Also, Maurice Purify signs with the Bengals.
Registration opens for the annual Football 101 event. | Notes
A New England paper looks at Bo Ruud and says he's up for any challenge.
Watch a 45-minute video of a Bo Pelini talk in Columbus.
Maurice Purify is expected to sign a free-agent contract with the Bengals, but a new legal issue could complicate matters.
DT Thaddeus Randle from Texas commits to the recruiting class of 2009.
The latest "Obsessions of a Husker mind": Sports announcers/analysts.
Playoffs or status quo? Two LJS writers debate the issue.
Sam Keller's draft disappointment offers a lesson to players and fans alike.
Ron Brown discusses faith and football in Aurora.
Nick Covey is fined in a minor-in-possession case.
Bo Pelini has at least two national pundits impressed so far: 1, 2