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Add the HuskerMax schedule
to your website …

It's easy — just copy and paste the code below into the appropriate section of your web page. You need to do this only once. Scores, kickoff times and TV information will update automatically.

<!-- BEGIN HuskerMax.com Schedule Widget -->
<br />
<iframe src="//huskermax.com/partners/sked/"
width="264px" height="350px" frameborder="0"
<br />
<!-- END Widget -->

Central time displays by default. Three other time zones are available. Simply add "pacific," "mountain" or "eastern" to the address line, like so:
<iframe src="//huskermax.com/partners/sked/pacific"

You can increase the width and height numbers to fit your page. If your space is tight, try eliminating one or both of the <br /> lines. Better yet, try the no-padding code. If you need further help with programming this on your Husker website, please contact us.

… or your desktop
screenshot (109K)

We're told there
is a way
to include this
in Dashboard.
Here's the schedule coded for use
as a Windows Vista or Windows 7 desktop gadget.

Like the web widget, the desktop gadget updates automatically with game scores and kickoff times. Download one of these HuskerMax.Gadget files and double-click on it.
If you see an "unknown publisher" window, choose "install." There is a version for each of the four major U.S. time zones: Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific.
If you have Windows 8, you'll need a utility like the free 8GadgetPack to enable gadgets.


ALTERNATIVE METHOD: Using one of the gadget files above is by far the simplest way to intall the desktop
gadget. But if you are a tinkerer and want to create your own, see BigRedIggy's message below for instructions,
and use the following coding.

<iframe src="http://huskermax.com/partners/sked/dtop"
width="251px" height="319px" frameborder="0"
marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"

Central time is the default. For any of the three other available time zones, change the address line like this:
<iframe src="http://huskermax.com/partners/sked/dtop_eastern"
<iframe src="http://huskermax.com/partners/sked/dtop_mountain"
<iframe src="http://huskermax.com/partners/sked/dtop_pacific"

I am just a longtime lurker but I wanted to tell you I was thrilled when I just saw you posted the widget. Wanted to let you know that it doesn’t have to be used only for websites. With the help of a nice little freeware program called Amnesty Generator (http://www.amnestywidgets.com/GeneratorWin.html) you can create your own sidebar gadgets. It says it is for Vista but I use Win 7 and it worked just fine. You just enter the code you supplied and give it a name and size, and when you submit it you will find it with all the other downloaded sidebar gadgets. It really makes a nice addition to my desktop. (Click on image above for bigger view.)

Thanks again,
Jon Childerston
p.s. I use another nice freeware program called Fences (http://www.stardock.com/products/fences/) to hide and group all my desktop icons to give it that clean look. You just double-click the screen to show/hide the icons.

BigRedIggy says BBS members are welcome to contact him with questions.
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