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Husker secondary coach, Marv Sanders said at the Shriners' Husker football banquet last Thursday night that the practices leading up to the Iowa State game were the best of the season.
"Something clicked this week. They're finally getting 'it'", he said. And by "it", he meant that the players were understanding what it takes to play winning football.

"I'm not sure how this will translate into wins," Sanders cautioned, "but our players are getting better each week. Mistakes and penalties have been decreasing each game. We're still making too many, but the players are finally getting it."

And not a minute too soon. The Huskers took their act on the road Saturday to get a much needed win. And not only did they get a win, they got one convincingly.
Saturday's victory was just the thing the Huskers needed, considering they were 3-3 and riding a three game losing streak. A win like this one can help restore the team's confidence as they head into the remainder of their schedule.
Iowa State shouldn't be confused with being a great football team. In fact, they may be vying for bottom-feeder status in the Big 12 this year. But it must be remembered that this same 'Clone team at home a couple of weeks ago managed to embarrass Kansas with a 20-0 half-time lead. And earlier this season Iowa State took UNLV to OT-the same Rebel team that had beat Arizona State previously.
So what do Husker fans take from this game? Actually, a lot. The Huskers won a road game in front of a hostile crowd and the Husker defense (they still can't be called Blackshirts) gave up a total of only 218 yards. (Take away one play and it would have been 151 yards). The Huskers got their first turnover since the New Mexico State game and coincidentally, had their first lead since that game-a span of 12 quarters (180 minutes) of football.
It's probably no coincidence that the return of Phillip Dillard and Cody Glenn made the Husker defense much better Saturday. Also, Ricky Thenarse played well, coming back from a nagging shoulder injury.

In the third quarter, it looked as though the Huskers were going to let the 'Clones claw back into the game when Iowa State running back Alexander "Hello Mr." Robinson burned the Husker defense with a 67 yard TD run early in the quarter. But to their credit, the Huskers put on a Viagra-like performance and shut down the 'Clones the rest of the way.
Right now, in the second half of the season, the Huskers are 1-0 with 5 regular season games to go. And for now, that's something to cheer about, Husker fans.
The Baylor Bears aren't the Bears of old, but winning at Memorial Stadium Saturday, will be a daunting task for this young Baylor team. If the Huskers continue to reduce the penalties and mistakes that have plagued them all year, the Huskers should come away with a much needed win. Going to Norman the following week, the Huskers could be sporting a respectable 5-3 record and enjoying a two-game win streak.
The fumble bug hit the Huskers hard last week at Ames and if they want to make it to a respectable bowl game this year, they'll have to significantly reduce them. You can get a win in Ames with such carelessness, but fumbling three or four times against the Sooners or Kansas could be disastrous.

Right now, let's just savor this win. It's a good feeling, something that's been missing for over a month.
Our goals of using up the 100 allotted rooms for the "Salute" weekend and raising enough money for the event have been achieved. There are about 270 who plan to attend some or all of the celebration to be held at the Cornhusker Marriott Hotel in beautiful downtown Lincoln, Saturday and Sunday, November 1st and 2nd.

Now that the start time for the Husker-Sooner game has been set (7:00 p.m. CDT), schedules are being revised. Go to huskersalute.org for schedule updates.
Thanks to all of you who have contributed your time and money to this event. We are truly proud to be able to honor our men and women of the military who have served this great country of ours.
Due to time constraints this week, I'll post my 4th and final segment on the Cornhusker Marching Band. I will not short-sheet my fellow brethren of the drumline. You can't "beat" it...It's something I'm going to "stick" to and won't "brush" it off...It'll be a "cymbal" of my appreciation to drummers...Okay! Okay! I'll stop!

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