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2003 Nebraska football spring drills coverage

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Spring game final: Reds 13, Whites 0. Get all the coverage on the game page.
Expect to see very few new wrinkles unveiled in the Red-White game. The gates will open at 11.
The passing game still needs work.
Bo Pelini discusses his coaching philosophy.
A look at five players who made big strides this spring
Notes from the Friday April 18th practice.
Nick Povendo and Jameyal Phillips wonder what's next as the O-line dominoes fall.
The coaches take a serious look at walk-on Garth Glissman's performance at QB.
LeKevin Smith gets pointers from Steve Warren.
Husker Dan leads us through a pregame warm-up of the vocal cords.
Despite their differences, defensive ends Trevor Johnson and Benard Thomas hit it off.
A pulled leg muscle slows Jammal Lord while the backups vie for the No. 2 spot.
With several practices now under their belts, the new coaches get positive reviews from players.
Notes from the Wednesday April 16th practice.
Boyd Epley sees progress in the weight room.
The 6:30 a.m. meetings take some getting used to.
Confidence is building among cornerback Lornell McPherson and the rest of the secondary.
Ira Cooper looks for his niche in the linebacking corps.
Garth Glissman sets a high goal for himself.
Cory Ross works at his north-south running.
DE Trevor Johnson strives to improve over last year.
Blankman asseses the spring season so far.
The defense dominates the Saturday April 12th scrimmage: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
DeAntae Grixby provides NU another gear at fullback.
The offense must sustain drives better, Judd Davies says.
The OWH is the latest to offer up a Chris Septak feature.
Football is fun again for Fabian Washington, and Benard Thomas finds a renewed focus. 1camera (1K)
Bo Pelini says his system suits Barrett Ruud's talents.
Richie Incognito reportedly is getting anger-management help.
David Horne says he needs to step it up a notch to stay ahead in the I-back competition.
Meet Garth Glissman, NU's 6-foot-5 QB.
An attitude change is brewing on defense: 1, 2
Better pass blocking is a Barney Cotton priority.
Josh Sewell comes on strong at center: 1, 2, 3.
DE Adam Carriker doesn't intend to get used to losing.
Chad Sievers looks for a position.
Trevor Johnson wins lifter-of-the-year honors.
Features on Kyle Larson and Chris Septak.
The reports on the April 5 scrimmage: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Fabian Washington looks to raise his consistency and intensity.
Big Stewart Bradley gets noticed at linebacker.
Jason Lohr gives it one more go.
After the chilly practice of Friday April 4th, the new systems await their first tests by scrimmage.
Club-level tickets are available for the spring game.
The 7-7 season motivates guard Mike Erickson.
Chris Septak hopes his run of injuries is over.
Titus Adams may be NU's "elephant end."
Barney Cotton isn't ruling out a two-QB system.
Isaiah Fluellen regains his speed and looks to contribute on offense.
For the O-line, more zone blocking.
Jammal Lord discusses his outlook on 2003.
It's audition time for the I-backs.
Players and staff adjust to the new terminology.
Does Chad Sievers have the size to play end?
Linebackers Hollowell and Williams are glad their days of sharing playing time are over.
Turner Gill sees more focus in Jammal Lord.
Richie Incognito will work out with the team for the first time Sunday.
Curt Dukes enters 2003 feeling a little wiser.
A look at the competition at I-back.
There's lots to learn and an added element of secrecy on the first day of spring practice. A tentative Willie Amos makes his return to the field, and so does Curt Dukes (1, 2).
It's time for a fresh start as the 2003 Huskers get set to begin spring practice: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Bo Pelini wants big hits, not big talk, from the defense.
Jammal Lord tries to shake the bad taste of last year.
A look at some of the position battles: 1, 2, 3
Barney Cotton hopes spring drills help the offense form a distinct and effective personality. On defense, don't expect Bo Pelini to reveal much during the spring game.
Bo Pelini announces position changes for Chad Sievers, Titus Adams and T.J. Hollowell.
Matt Herian bulks up but doesn't slow down, a focused Fabian Washington shaves his 40 time, and walk-on Dusty Stamer clocks in as the team's fastest. More from the post-winter conditioning testing: 1, 2.
After ironing out some personal issues, Jemayel Phillips can "focus on being a better player": 1, 2
Richie Incognito will miss at least part of spring ball because of a team-policy violation.
A green jersey is again likely for Jammal Lord.