My 2 Cents

Commentary by David Max

This is my first commentary ever on HuskerPedia™. As the co-founder of this web site in October of 1999 along with Joe Hudson and the support of our business partner, Eric Park, who grew up in Boulder, (that's another story), we have since the beginning tried to fulfill the obligation of being an online encyclopedia by providing access to all the news about Nebraska athletics. This includes the good news and the bad news. News about current and former coaches, players, and administrators. I have interviewed several of them personally. Some of them have become good friends. All of them take the time to shake my hand and say hello when we meet. We also have taken the "allow both sides of the fence balanced viewpoint" in the discussion boards (BBS). I have bitten my tongue countless times over the years and especially during the coaching and administrative changes that have taken place since this web site was started regarding the comments made by both sides of Solich/Pederson/Callahan debates that have taken place.

The reason I have decided to make an editorial commentary now is NOT because of a coaching change or an administrative personnel change. It is NOT because of the performance or lack of perfomance by the offense or the defense in the past two games. It IS because of our performance as fans of the University of Nebraska. In the span of two weeks, we have gone from Beano Cook calling us the best fans in America to the Sporting News calling us "the so-called greatest fans in college football."

My first recollection of a Nebraska game was Bob Devaney's first season in 1962 listening on the radio in Page, Nebraska. My dad bought season tickets when the south end zone was built in 1964 and we still own and sit in those same seats. My fond memories include: Watching Frank Solich as a 150 pound fullback. Listening to Lyell Bremser and his trademark phrases. Getting up at 5 AM on Thanksgiving morning, driving to the NU-OU game, eating turkey sandwiches in the parking lot and driving home that evening because we couldn't afford a hotel room. Having former classmates from Ainsworth High School come up to me at our 30 year reunion and say "Your dad took me to my first Nebraska game ever." Sitting in the Orange Bowl with my mother in 1995 when we beat Miami and leaving the seat next to her empty in honor of my dad who passed away in 1990. Sharing the Mastercard priceless feeling with other Nebraska fans at the team hotel after that game. Watching Adam Ickes (from Page) block the field goal to win the game against Pittsburgh. Those are just a very few of my best memories of being a Nebraska fan for the past 45 years.

We are now (and have been for the past few years) experiencing the real test of what it means to be a Nebraska fan. The way we have treated the current players, coaches, and administrators these past two weeks is not my vision of a real Nebraska fan. Giving up 600 plus yards to a 23 point underdog and barely winning the game is one thing. The way we reacted as fans is another. At this point in time I am still proud to say that I am a Nebraska fan and I have gone out of my way to wear a Nebraska shirt all week and take whatever my USC neighbors want to give me in the form of good natured ribbing. If we continue to perform in the same manner as fans as we have in the past few days I will no longer be able to be proud of the being able to say "I'm from Nebraska and I'm a Nebraska fan." I have lived in southern California since 1975 and I have never missed an opportunity to make that statement. Let's not let the actions of what is hopefully a few disgruntled fans be successful in destroying what has taken us a few generations to build. Coaches, players, and administrators will come and go but the impression we leave as fans will last forever. At the USC game I allowed a fan with Nebraska gear sitting behind me to shout profanities and degrade the coaches and players at the top of his lungs. That won't happen this week. I will shout him down and I have a feeling I won't be alone.

We will have our tailgate again under the pedestrian overpass that feeds into the north end zone next to parking lot 8 with the rest of the Husker Nation Booster Club Chapters. Marlin will have the smoker going and I will be giving away 100 Black Shirt towels and keep one for myself to wave whenever the defense is on the field. Stop by and pick one up for yourself. There will be a donation jar there for a Nebraska based non-profit organization that works with handicapped hunters and fishermen if you feel inclined to make a donation.

Now, more than ever, this team and coaching staff needs our support. I am confident the Husker Nation will rise to the task and give it to them. I'll see you on Saturday. You know the words, "We all stick together....."