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Dear Readers: Today, I heard from SSG Myles Frohling, Sr, the Husker fan who has been stationed in Iraq for a long time. He has just returned home! Any of you who would like to write him, I'm sure he'd enjoy hearing from you.

Dear Husker Dan:
Hello again, I just wanted to thank you again for all your concerns while I was deployed to Iraq. I have been home about a week now and I cannot explain how great it is to be with my family again. I am hoping to keep up with some of the wonderful people who have written to me while I was in Iraq. I am very excited for the upcoming football season. I am hoping for some really great things this year.

Well, I will close for now but hope that all continues to go well for you as well. Oh, I'm going to take up your suggestion to write Coach Callahan. Thanks Again.
SSG Myles Frohling, Sr.
410 Military Police Company

Myles: It is great to hear from you! All Husker fans are glad you have returned home safely. Let me know if Coach Callahan responds to your letter.

Once again, thanks for the letter and welcome home!!!
Husker Dan

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