OWH Login Problems

HuskerPedia™ has received numerous email complaints about the new requirement for free registration in order to view articles on their web site Omaha.com. Just for the record, HuskerPedia™ is not associated with the Omaha World Herald and HuskerPedia™ does not require a subscription to view articles on HuskerPedia.com.

Here is a sample of one complaint that we have recevied:

Omaha.com just made a change to their system that you are probably aware of. When you access one of their articles (identified by an asterisk) on Huskerpedia you are now required to sign on to Omaha.com (or whatever the Omaha World Herald’s website is called). I did the registration thing, filled out all of the fields, and waited for my password to show up in my incoming e-mail. That was last Thursday. No password showed up. I did it again from this same address (my account through SBC in Dallas) on Friday. No password. I went home (Yukon, OK) Friday night, and registered on the OWH’s site through my SWBell account there. No password was returned Saturday I tried it once again, and….. no password was sent. I then signed on with my wife’s account, and registered through another domain. No password was returned. Since the OWH went to this system, at least half – and probably closer to 2/3 - of the informative articles on HP are courtesy of the OWH. If I can’t figure out how to get a password back from them, I’m pretty much going to drift away from HP. It is really frustrating to see the great articles that I’m prohibited (unknown reason) from reading. The only thing that I can think of is that for this location, I gave them a TX address in the form, and for my home systems, I gave them an OK address, but that doesn’t make sense. Why would they exclude a group like “Texans for Nebraska””, or “Oklahomans for Nebraska”?

I’ve tried calling their customer service number. No response. Is there anyone up there that you can contact and put a bug in their ear?

If you are having a problem registering for the articles on the Omaha World Herald web site please contact them at customerservice@owh.com or by phone at 1-800-234-6942.