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Readers: The following are some letters concerning a couple of Husker soldiers stationed in the Mid-East.

Dear Husker Dan:
I have enclosed a couple of pictures. I am getting a couple more approved right now but due to obvious security reasons I have to get approval before sending them to you. I do hope you understand. By the way, I am from Plattsmouth, NE. I have lived in Nebraska all my life. I thank my mother for making me the diehard Husker fan that I am. Yes, it is me in the pictures and I do have pictures of the Iraqis but the pictures are in the process of being reviewed for security reasons. Everything here is considered sensitive until it is declassified. I will get more pictures to you as soon as I get them. Thank You:)

SSG Myles A. Frohling Sr.
410th Military Police Company
APO, AE 09310

P.S. I received a huge box of shirts and sweatshirts from NE Kansas for Nebraska. It was neat to see everyone so anxious to get the shirts. Many of the Iraqis had the shirts and sweatshirts on before they made it out of the crowd. Unfortunately there were a couple very small scuffles that broke out when they were wanting each other's gift:) It was a very generous gift that will go to needy people. It was greatly appreciated by all!!!

Dear Husker Dan:
You made my Day! That is so exciting to know that Sergeant Myles Frohling received the box I sent him in October. There were other alumni chapters that expressed interest. Maybe after they read your next article the will get a project together and send him a box.

Gary McGirr
NE Kansans for Nebraska

Gary: Thanks for your kindness for the young soldier in Iraq! To the Californians for Nebraska, Georgians for Nebraska, Oregonians for Nebraska and all the rest of the Husker organizations throughout the country: Are you listening?

Dear Husker Dan:
I am one of many Nebraska fans in the military keeping track of the Huskers from a combat zone. I am an Army helicopter pilot and it may surprise you to know that several other soldiers in my unit are also from Nebraska and true Nebraska fans. I have always found other Husker fans everywhere I have gone during my 10 years in the Army. From Haiti in 94, we listened to the Huskers defeat Colorado on a Spanish speaking Miami radio station. In 2002 we watched the Huskers on the Armed Forces Network in Korea. Here in Afghanistan, my friends and watched the Huskers with National Guard soldiers from Nebraska. Despite the sub-standard season, we have managed to recruit a few new fans over here, and none of us have any doubt that the Huskers will return to dominance. We all appreciate the support we get from home, and the Husker fans in particular.

If your readers choose to send us an occasional card, that's great, but please understand we don't expect anything. Mostly, we just want everyone at home to know that we are proud to be Nebraskans, and we appreciate their support. With that being said, from our perspective, it sounds like people at home are pretty upset about the season. That's understandable, but we would like to remind Nebraskans that while its great to love football, they need to keep things in focus. The week Nebraska lost to Colorado this year, we were all pretty upset and doing the normal mumbling and grumbling. Later that day, we found out that 3 soldiers from our unit had been killed. Suddenly, we all forgot about the game, and the losing season. For some reason, it just didn't seem that important. So Husker Dan, while we all love our husker football, please help your readers remember the important things in life this holiday season.

Thanks for all you do, from the soldiers all over the world.

CW2 Michael Eckhardt
APO-AE 09355

Dear Mike: Thanks for helping us all to put a disappointing football season in its proper perspective. We are deeply indebted to all the brave men and women who are fighting for and protecting freedom throughout the world. GBR! Merry Christmas and God speed!!!

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