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Okay Husker fans, the football season is about to begin! Excitement and anticipation are in the air! How will the Cornhuskers fare this year? How will the new West Coast Offense do? Who will emerge as the starting Husker quarterback? Can NU win at Manhattan? What's the capitol of North Dakota?

Hold on, cowboy!! Before the new season begins and fills our little heads with more Husker facts and figures, take time to see how much (or little) you remember about Husker football. This is THE chance for you to impress your friends, neighbors, enemies, ex-wives (husbands), co-workers and your kids, with your Husker "college knowledge".

(NOTE: Husker Dan doesn't read other Husker trivia tests and any similarity to his and any other lists is purely coincidental. Got it?) Are you ready? Good luck!

0-10 You stumbled on to this page by accident, but decided, what the hey, you'll take the test anyways.
11-20 You read Huskerpedia occasionally, but wonder who'd actually want to know all this stuff.
21-30 You used to think you knew a lot about Husker football.
31-40 You're a pretty devoted Husker fan.
41-49 You've written one or more books on Husker football history.
49-52 You wrote this list!!!

1.) In Husker history, who was Mr. Roberts?
2.) The Huskers will be playing the University of Pittsburgh at Pitt for the first time since 1957. What were the season records for each team that year?
3.) What was the score of that game?
4.) Who was the Huskers' "Wild Bill" Callahan?
5.) Shot Kleen is:
A.) An Olympic event B.) A Grant Wistrom quarterback sack C.) A last second field goal that wins a game D.) Husker Vision Director of Operations
6.) Whom did Al Davis refer to as "Whats-his-name"?
7.) Who scored the first touchdown of Bob Devaney's coaching career at NU?
8.) Who scored the last touchdown in Bob Devaney's NU career?
9.) The Huskers' NCAA record of consecutive home sellouts (262 and counting) began November 3, 1962 with a 7-16 loss to the Missouri Tigers. The attendance that day was 36,501. Question: Who was the head coach of the Tigers that year?
10.) Not counting Bill Callahan, what is the average length of tenure of an NU head coach?
11.) Who scored the first touchdown in Tom Osborne's head coaching career?
12.) Who scored the last touchdown for Osborne?
13.) What was Osborne's career record verses Oklahoma?
14.) What was Osborne's record verses Barry Switzer?
15.) How many Big 12 championships did Tom Osborne win?
16.) How many did Frank Solich win?
17.) Mack Brown?
18.) Bill Snyder?
19.) Bob Stoops?
20.) Gary Barnett?
21.) Who scored the first touchdown in Frank Solich's Husker career?
22.) Who scored the last touchdown in Frank Solich's career?
23.) Whose nickname was "The Hog"?
24.) Whose nickname was "Fig"?
25.) He was the Huskers' original "Thunder".
26.) Finish this famous Husker saying:
"Get off your fanny and help_______________'
27.) What famous Husker was known as "The Duke"?
28.) Who was nicknamed "Choo-Choo" and what was his number?
29.) Ture or False. Mick Tinglehoff was the first Husker player from the Devaney era to be drafted by the NFL.
30.) What NU assistant did Frank Solich replace when he (Solich) was named running backs coach?
31.) Who was "Iron Mike"?
32.) What year did Nebraska have a season in which they were undefeated and unscored upon?
33.) Former Husker wingback Curtis Craig is related to what famous ex-Husker and NFL running back?
34.) What was Bob Devaney's record at Wyoming the year before he left for Nebraska?
35.) What was Bob Devaney's record his first year at Wyoming?
36.) Who succeeded Devaney at Wyoming?
37.) What was that coach's record his first year at Wyoming?
38.) In what year did the Big 8 conference play its first game?
39.) Prior to Bob Devaney, what was the highest AP ranking the Huskers ever had and in what year?
40.) What was unusual about the weekend of Tommie Frazier's recruiting visit to Lincoln? 41.) True or False: Oklahoma has a better all time winning percentage than the Huskers.
42.) Which college football team has the most wins?
A.) Ohio State B.) University of Miami C.) Southern California D.) Nebraska
43.) Which Big 12 team has the most all time wins in school history?
44.) Who did Lyle Bremser nickname "Golden Toe"?
45.) In Tom Osborne's first national championship season in 1994, who was the first Husker player to score that season?
46.) Who was the last Husker player to score that season?
47.) How many assistant coaches from Bill Jennings' staff were retained by Bob Devaney and who were they?
48.) What is Eric Crouch's middle name?
49.) What was Eric Crouch's number in high school?
50.) When he was a young boy, what was Eric Crouch's favorite NFL team?
51.) What was Bob Devaney's first win at Nebraska?
52.) Who was George Flippin and why is he remembered in Husker history?

1.) It was Bob Devaney's fake name that was used when he came to Lincoln to be interviewed for the head coaching job at Nebraska.
2.) Huskers 1-9-0; Pitt 4-6-0
3.) Pitt 34-0
4.) Bill "Wild Bill" Callahan was a fullback from Grand Island, NE who played on the 1936-38 teams coached by Dana X. Bible and Biff Jones.
5.) D
6.) Bill Callahan
7.) Larry Tomlinson on a 20 yard pass from John Faiman. (NU-University of South Dakota 1962. NU 53-0)
8.) Johnny Rodgers (50 yard TD pass from Dave Humm, January 1, 1973 Orange Bowl vs Notre Dame. Rodgers also scored the last 3 TDs of Bob Devaney's career, scoring all of them in the Notre Dame game.)
9.) Dan Devine
10.) Counting the three faculty coaches from 1890-'91 and '92, the average is 3.93 years
11.) Steve Runty-1 yard qb sneak vs UCLA September 1973 (NU-40-13)
12.) Scott Frost, 9 yard run vs. Tennessee 1998 Orange Bowl (NU-42-17)
13.) 13-13
14.) 5-12
15.) One
16.) One
17.) None
18.) One
19.) One
20.) One
21.) Sheldon Jackson 46 yard TD reception from Bobby Newcombe vs La. Tech 1998, won by NU 56-27
22.) Judd Davies 1 yard run vs. Colorado 2003
23.) Jeff "The Hog" Jamrog
24.) Bob "Fig" Newton
25.) Bill "Thunder" Thornton
26.) Bob Devaney
27.) Bob Devaney-he used to be a boxer.
28.) Charlie "Choo-Choo" Winters #44
29.) False. Tinglehoff never played for Devaney.
30.) Mike Corgan
31.) Husker running backs coach, Mike Corgan
32.) 1890, 2-0
33.) Roger Craig
34.) 6-1-2
35.) 4-3-3
36.) Lloyd Eaton
37.) 5-5-0
38.) 1960
39.) 1936 #9
40.) Although it was wintertime, the weekend temperatures for the Florida native's visit to Lincoln were in the 60s.
41.) False
42.) D
43.) Nebraska-789, Texas- 775. OU-737, Colorado 636
44.) Paul Rogers-field goal kicker
45.) Tom Sieler
46.) Tom Sieler
47.) 2-(Clete Fisher and George Kelly)
48.) Eugene
49.) 4
50.) Denver Broncos
51.) South Dakota
52.) First black to play for the Huskers

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