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Lyell Bremser transcript

1981 Florida State game. 3rd quarter, it's 4th down for Florida State. Nebraska leads 10-7.

"...All right, Ron Stark stands back at the 5. Gets a good snap, and OH how he did hit that one! The wind is behind it. And, the ball was taken at the 19 by Fryar.

"Fryar's running to left. He's trying to get a block!

(crowd begins to roar)

"HE TURNS UPFIELD! TO THE 35! THE 40! HE'S TO THE 45! TO THE 50! HE'S THE 45! TO THE 40! HE'S TO THE 30! 25! 20! 10! 5!...IN THERE! TOUCHDOOWWNN!!


"Well, there he is! The young sophomore from New Jersey! Irving 'FLYER' Fryar! He took that ball about-inside the 20, went all the way for a touchdown on a BEAUTIFUL run back of the punt! He started to the right, and he got cut off on the right side! So, he reversed his field and came to the left! And, Bill Weber...I think it was...made a big block for him down field on the punter, Ron Stark! About the last man to have a shot! And Irving Fryar is going to get credited with something over 80 yards! It looked to me like he fielded the ball at about the 18 or the 19! We'll get it pinned down exactly. But, what a run down! And, what an experience for this young sophomore! That's what they'll have to tag on him after that one IS....'FLYER' FRYAR!"