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Lyell Bremser transcript

OK, I've been biased towards the offense in my previous transcripts. Today, here's one for the BLACK SHIRTS. 1973 Nebraska vs. Wisconsin. In the 4th qtr, Wisconsin took a 10-7 lead. Nebraska drove 80 yards in 6 plays to take a 14-10 lead. Selvie Washington returned the kick-off 96 yards for a 16-14 Badger lead. Nebraska drives 86 yards to lead 20-16..see-saw, see-saw...Now there's less than 2 minutes remaining, Wisonsin is driving...it's 4th down and 2 at the Nebraska 36 yard line.

Let's go directly to Lyell Bremser:

"...it's 4th down and a couple. 4th down and about a yard, two to go. They have to get to the 34 and half yard line. And, the ball is at the 36. So, it's about a yard and half shy. 4th down coming up. (in the background the crowd is LOUD) 1:33 to go... (Badger's call timeout)...Alright! Here's the big one!

"4th down and about a yard and a half. The ball at the 36 of Nebraska. Wisconsin with the football. Quarterback, Bohlig has Selvie in the "I". AND SELVIE'S HIT! HE DID NOT MAKE IT! AND NEBRASKA TAKES OVER THE BALL! (THE CROWD ROARS FOR SEVERAL SECONDS)

"THEY RAN RIGHT AT JOHN BELL, AND THAT WAS THEIR BIG MISTAKE! Because JOHN BELL, the middle guard met Selvie Washington at the line of scrimmage and he didn't give ONE FRECKLE!!! He held on and brought him STRAIGHT down, just like a ROCK at the line of scrimmage! NO GAIN whatsoever and the BLACKSHIRTS held on downs and take over the football with a minute and 28 left to play, the score 20-16 Nebraska over Wisonsin! Oh what a football game! Mother! Mother! Mother!..."