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Lyell Bremser transcript

Nebraska vs. Minnesota, 1973.

Minnesota has its first sellout since 1960. They start an all-freshman backfield led by their quarterback Tony Dungy, current Tampa Bay head coach. Tony is celebrating his 18th birthday today.

It's first and ten Nebraska, at the Nebraska 33 yard line.

"...4 minutes and 26 seconds left to go in this first half. And, Nebraska leads it, 14 to 7.

"They split their end on the left side. The tight end is in on the right side. The fake hand off by Humm, and he's going long! THROWING THE BOMB! IN BEHIND, IS ANDERSON! HE'S GONNA GO ALL THE WAY! TOOUUCCHHDOWN!!!

(crowd roars for several seconds)

"OOHHH, MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD WHAT A THROW THAT WAS BY DAVE "THE DEALER" HUMM! He faked his hand-off into the middle, Frosty Anderson went down the left side on a fly pattern, Humm RIFLED that ball, he had to throw that 45 to 50 yards in the air!!!....here's the try for the point, the kick is up, and Sanger's kick is good!...But believe me, he threw that absolutley a TON!!! Frosty Anderson NEVER broke stride! He had his man beat! He was in behind Kevin Keller, #42, flying down the left sideline...he had him beat by a couple of steps. And that ball was laid right on his FINGER TIPS! He never broke stride, and you knew that was TOUCHDOWN ALL THE WAY!!...ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PASS PLAYS YOU'LL EVER WANT TO SEE!!!"

(Readers note: For those of you who don't know, Dave Humm was from Las Vegas, NV. Hence, Lyell Bremser nicknamed him "The Dealer.")