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Lyell Bremser transcript

Here's Lyell's call of a 68 yard punt by Randy Lessman vs. Oklahoma State in 1974:

Lyell: "...So, Randy Lessman goes into punt for Nebraska. Deep are Kenny Walker and Shepard. Walker and Shepard are deep. Lessman stands at the 4 yard-line...or Hankins is deep back there.

"And it's a BOOMING KICK! A GORGEOUS thing! Hankins lets it go. It's to the 20! the 15! to the 13! it's to the 14! to the 13! IT'S GOING TO THE SIDLINES AT THE 13 YARD LINE! (CROWD ROARS) OOOhhhh a thing of beauty is joy forever!

"How far was that, Jack?

Jack: "It was right around 68 yards."

Lyell: "Man, woman and child! He just kicked it outta sight! What a punter that kid is turnin' out to be! Jack, that's as pretty as anything I've ever seen on the football field! Boy, he really put the foot into that one!"