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Lyell Bremser transcript

Lyell Bremser's call of a 40 yard punt return vs. Army in 1970:

"It'll be 4th down and 12. Army to kick the ball. Dan Hoff stands at the Army one.

"Up field, standing at the 47 of Nebraska is Johnny Rodgers, number 20.

"The ball is to Dan Hoff...a good snap from center, his kick is away....

"Rodgers has the ball bounce in front of him...he picks it up on the hop! He runs to the 40! (crowd starts to roar) HE RUNS TO THE 35! HE RUNS TO THE 20! HE RUNS TO THE 15! HE'S STILL ON HIS FEET! HE'S HIT DOWN AT THE 12 YARD LIINNEE!!!! (CROWD ROARS SEVERAL SECONDS)

"Man, woman and child! I wonder what that fellow was thinking of. Ray Ratockle must have thought he was following a piece of smoke, or somethin'! Johnny Rodgers made about thirty-eight moves on him! And then went outside of him and a Nebraska man went CLEAR over the top trying to make a block! It's at the 12....."

(Two plays later, Joe Orduna scores from the 2, to give Nebraska a 14-0 lead.)