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Lyell Bremser transcript

The 1970 Nebraska vs. USC game, Lyell Bremser, Dave Blackwell, and Jack Payne were at their best. In 1969, USC had beaten Nebraska in Lincoln 31-21. The Cornhuskers were a 14-point underdog playing under the lights in the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Nebraska led 14-7 at the half, and USC had just tied the game 14-14 in the 3rd qtr. 2 plays later, Joe Orduna springs loose for this 67-yard run.

"...let's call it 2nd & 8 to go. 2nd & 8, and the Cornhuskers now have Orduna at the I-back. Schniess is at fullback, Johnny Rodgers is at the wingback, or a wide receiver.

"And, there's a quick pitch out to Orduna who's running the right side. He got a good block! HE'S BREAKING OVER THE RIGHT SIDE! (Lyell sees Joe might score. He is now yelling!) HE'S GOING TO THE 45! TO THE 40! TO THE 30! HE'S TO THE 20! HE'S TO THE 15! THE 10! THE 5! HE'S IN THHEERREEE!!!!! (THE CROWD ROARS!!!)

"Joe Orduna came wide around the right side! He got a block! And, OH MOMMA what a block from fullback Dan Schneiss! Wait'll you see that one on the tube! Schneiss threw a block. And, Orduna instead of going right, cut back against the grain and broke down the left side! He had FOUR Southern Cal men chasing! He out ran 'em 67 yards for the touchdown!

"Paul Rogers just kicked it through and the score is 21-14! JOE ORDUNA! WHATTA NIGHT THIS KID IS HAVING TONIGHT!

Video with Lyell's call