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Lyell Bremser transcript

1980 Oklahoma game

In 1979, Oklahoma's Billy Sims ripped the Black Shirts for 247 yards in Norman. On his longest, Sims seemed to taunt the Cornhuskers all the ways down the field.

This is "Jarvis Redwine's Revenge Run," as he gives the Sooners a dose of their own medine. A is simply a marvelous call by Lyell.

Dedicated to the small 9-year old Loon.

"... Alright, the ball is on the left hash mark. 2nd and 10. Husker's with ball, their own 11-yard line. No score, 1st quarter.

"Jeff Quinn calls the count at the line scrimmage. Lined up in the 'I'. He sliding down the line to the right. He pitches off to Redwine! ( the crowd begins to roar!) REDWINE'S AROUND THE CORNER TO THE 20! THE 25! THE 30! 35! THE 40! THE 45! THE 50! THE 40! THE 30!!!....BYE! BYE!...DON'T LOOK BACK, JARVIS!...PUT IT IN THEERRREEE!!!!

(CROWD ROARS for several seconds)


"Steve Hayworth had a shot at him, number 6 for Oklahoma! But Jarvis just outran him! He SCARED ME TO DEATH when he turned around and looked at him and waved! Cuz, I've seen guys fall down doing that! I held my breath!! But Jarvis was ALL THE WAY HOME!!! AND, THIS CROWD JUST WENT GOOFY WOOFY!! I'll tell ya, it was some BURST OF SPEED down that right side of the field! And, it was Andra Franklin who threw that MIGHTY block over there! EIGHTY-NINE YARDS! HOLY TOLEDO!!

"I thought they would never get untracked down deep. But, when they got untracked it was a BOOMER ON THE SOONER!!!!"

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