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Lyell Bremser transcript

Nebraska vs. Minnesota 1972. It's in the 3rd quarter. The Cornhusker lead Minnesota 28-0.

"...so Randall will have to kick out of his own end zone. The ball is on the 12. Fourth down. Randall kicking. He got his kick away and it's a BOOMER.

"Rodgers chases it over to the right. It bounces to the 38. He picks it at the 38. (The crowd begins to roar.) He's running to his right! Trying to get blocking! (Lyell's voice rises.) "He's to the 45!!! He's to the 40!!! The 35!!! The 30!!! He's all the way hhoommee!!! MAN, WOMAN & CHILD, HE RAN IN BACKWARDS!!!! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT???!!!!"

(The crowd roars for several seconds.)

"JOHNNY "THE JET" RODGERS!!! OH HO, MOTHER! HOLY TOLEDO!! HE BACKED IN!!!!He turned around and backed in to the end zone!!!! He had that kind of blocking!!! ...He was running in and out of the hands of people!!!... How that kid can pick 'em and lay 'em down!!! I DON'T KNOW HOW HE DOES IT!!!

"Rich Sanger kicked it through as Johnny Rodgers went 62 yards with a GORGEOUS THING OF BEAUTY!!!"