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Lyell Bremser transcript

On a 14 yard TD pass from I-back Joe Orduna to Guy Ingles vs. Minnesota in 1970:

"All right, 2nd and 9 for Nebraska. They split men left and right. And Tagge pitches out over there to Orduna, WHO'S GONNA THROW! INTO THE END ZONE TO LITTLE GUY INGLES! TOUCHDOOWWNN!!!" (crowd roars)

(Lyell chuckles)

"OOhhh, pardon me for laughing! But that was just that funny! Ingles was SO alone. He could've have sat down, and knit one and pearled two! He just was ALL BY HIMSELF. And Orduna threw that ball like a falling leaf into that wind, and all Guy could do was just stand there and wait! It must've been an interminable wait. But it finally fell in his hands, but there was NOBODY close!

"Try for the point. It's up, and it's good! And it's 21 to 7, Nebraska leads in this first quarter with a minute and fifty seconds left to play. Dave, wasn't that somethin' to see!"

DAVE BLACKWELL: "I'll tell ya, that's the worst-thrown pass I've ever seen in my life! (Lyell laughs) It kind of reminds me that the pheasant season opens in Nebraska November 7th." (Lyell laughs)