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Lyell Bremser transcript

Army 1970 again, on a 31-yard touchdown pass from Van Brownson to Woody Cox:

"It's first and ten, Nebraska at the Army 31. Two wide receivers to the left...That's Woody Cox and Johnny Rodgers. The quarterback, Van Brownson with a first and ten at the Army 31 takes the ball, fakes his hand off, rolls outta there....looks for his reciever! He's in the end zone TO WOODY COX! TOOUUCHHDOWN!!!! ( CROWD ROARS )

"Matt Wotel and Wayne Moorehead were out trying to cover Woody Cox and Johnny Rodgers...and that's like covering one boy scout troop with one pup tent! They just couldn't get the job done!

"There's the kick by Paul Roger's! And, it's 28 to nothing! What a beautiful, beautiful strike, 31 yards thrown by Van Brownson! Woody Cox was due. They hadn't thrown to Woody all afternoon. All the throws had gone to Johnny Rodgers. Johnny came across the middle, took a man with him. Woody beat the other guy and Brownson laid it to him in corner of the end zone!"