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Lyell Bremser transcript

OK, I'll switch gears a little... Does anybody rememeber the radio ads for Cornhusker football that KFAB used to run? You'd hear Lyell in the middle of a work day, or in the morning. We'll see how this translates. Here's a transcript of one.I believe the announcer is Tom Johnson.

Announcer: This Saturday, the Nebraska Cornhuskers play the Oklahoma Sooners. An Oklahoma club that a Bob Devaney club has yet to beat in Norman. For ALL the excitement, join "Mr. Football" Lyell Bremser!

Lyell: ...1st down. They're in the 'I' formation. The quarterback, Tagge calls his starting count. He fakes his hand-off. He's rolling out! Trying to throw the bomb!! He's got Ingles down there! Ingles BROUGHT THE BALL DOWN AT THE 15 YARD LINE!! WHAT A CATCH! OH, MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD!! HE WENT UP THERE WITH RON DICKERSON, and took the ball away from Dickerson!! WHAT A MAGNIFICENT CATCH!!!

Announcer: The Bob Devaney pregame show begins at 1 p.m. Then we switch to Norman, Oklahoma for the Nebraska-Oklahoma football game with Lyell Bremser and Dave Blackwell. Saturday on KFAB radio!