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Lyell Bremser transcript

Kansas game, 1978. Cornhuskers lead 21-0, with about 7 minutes left in the first half. The ball on the Kansas 44.

"...it's second down, 5 to go Huskers. Eighteen in from this, the west side, as they go left to right, leading 21 to nothing.

"They line up in the 'I'. Craig Johnson the I-back. Fake hand-off! THERE'S A LONG THROW!! AND, IT'S JUNIOR! TOOUUCCHDDOWN!!!

(crowd roars)

"Ah, I'll tell ya! That was just like a REMBRANDT!!! The quarterback, Tom Sorley, faked that on dive in the middle, and EVERYBODY, the fullback Franklin, and the I-back up there, Craig Johnson...they looked just like they had the ball!! And, there was NOBODY within FIFTEEN yards of SWEET 'OL JUNIOR and he took that ball on the money!

"There's the kick. And, it's up and it's good!

"WOWWEEE! 44 yards! And, he nestled that ball right on Junior's hands! And I'll tell ya, Junior knows where to go once he gets his MITS ON IT! That was all over! The score is now 28 to nothing with 7:12 left to play in the 2nd qtr.!"