1970 Day by Day: Oct. 4

Joe Orduna
That First Championship Season
Oct. 4: Showdown with nemesis Mizzou is next.

There was no practice Sunday for the Huskers, but players’ and coaches’ focus no doubt had turned to the showdown at the end of the week with Missouri, defending Big Eight co-champions with Nebraska.

The Tigers were looking for their fourth consecutive win in the series, and they were sporting a 3-1 record after a 40-20 victory Saturday at Oklahoma State. Missouri rushed for an eye-popping 437 yards in Stillwater.

Nebraska would need to find a way to put the clamps on Joe Moore in particular. The Missouri halfback was rushing for 151 yards per game, tops by far in the Big Eight.

After four games apiece, Missouri and Nebraska were neck and neck as the conference’s top two teams in total offense, with 407 and 401 yards per game, respectively. The teams’ passing games, however, were worlds apart, with the Huskers completing 65 percent of their aerials and the Tigers just 35 percent.

On defense, the Huskers were leading the league with 251 yards allowed per game while the Tigers’ 295-yard average ranked fifth.