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Javin & Toby Wright interview

10/31/18 | HuskerMax
New Nebraska football commit Javin Wright and his father, former Husker Toby Wright, discussed Javin's decision and more on 1620 the Zone's "Sharp & Benning."  | Javin Wright highlights & coverage | 2019 recruiting class     If the audio player isn't showing up above, follow this link.    

Big Red Cobcast Preview #232: VICTORY!

10/22/18 | Patrick Janssen
It's time for a new streak. One of a different stripe. 10-game losing streaks are fun and all (I'm lying), but six-game winning streaks to go to a bowl game? That's where the party's at. Maybe I'm putting the cart ahead of the horse. You'll have to forgive me. It's been a while. I'm bathing in the glory of a…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #221: Calm Before the Storm

8/6/18 | Patrick Janssen
There are tons of things to address and only so much space to address them in these preview articles. So here goes: 1.) FALL CAMP HAS STARTED!!!!!! 2.) I'm back. And apparently that means these Cobcast preview articles are, too? I guess the Cobcast empire falls into disarray when I'm out of the country. So you're welcome? 3.) FALL CAMP…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #203

4/2/18 | Patrick Janssen
What does a Husker fan do when there are no games to be played? (No, I'm not including the pitching meltdown that happened in Columbus, Ohio this weekend.) We talk recruiting and who might be fired and when. And oh did we do that on this week's episode of the Big Red Cobcast. It was Junior Day weekend in Lincoln,…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #200

3/12/18 | Patrick Janssen
There are two things you should know about the Big Red Cobcast this week. 1.) It (and our Facebook Live that you can see down below) was recorded on Saturday. 2.) I was out of town. So if you're expecting livid rants about Nebrasketball getting royally jobbed, this will not be the place. You'll have to go to our Twitter…

Pernell: 2018 Recruiting Class Summary

2/9/18 | Jeremy Pernell
Top 40 Recruiting Classes 1. Georgia 2. Ohio State 3. USC 4. Texas 5. Penn State 6. Clemson 7. Miami 8. Oklahoma 9. Alabama 10. Florida State 11. Washington 12. Notre Dame 13. Auburn 14. LSU 15. Oregon 16. Florida 17. Texas A&M 18. Tennessee 19. South Carolina 20. UCLA 21. Nebraska 22. Michigan 23. Virginia Tech 24. North Carolina…

Scott Frost 2018 signing day press conference transcript

2/7/18 | HuskerMax
On the February signees: “There wasn’t as much drama this year as in most years in the past because of the early signing day. There weren’t as many kids out there, there weren’t as many spots in schools. So it was a little less drama than a normal signing day. But there were still some kids that we were waiting…

2018 signing day 2.0

2/7/18 | HuskerMax
• Go to HuskerMax's Class of 2018 page for details on each player, including video highlights and additional coverage of their recruitment and signing.   Coverage • Omaha World-Herald:* Frost 'not here to win February,' confident first Nebraska recruiting class will have on-field success • Lincoln Journal Star: Frost: "I'm not here to win February" • Nebraska Athletics: Signees and…

Scott Frost on BTN: Signing Day, February 2018

2/7/18 | HuskerMax
  • LJS: Frost on BTN: Huskers' haul of safeties in 2018 class as good as any team in the country • Land of 120: Frost raves about highly ranked class • HuskerOnline: Frost excited about the potential to recruit at Nebraska going forward • OWH: Frost 'excited about the potential' of getting recruits to come to Nebraska • Class…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #195

2/5/18 | Patrick Janssen
There are some people who like the Big Red Cobcast. More than that, though, there are people who LOVE the Big Red Cobcast. But believe it or not, there are also people who don't dig us. Why? They probably fell off their bikes and landed on their heads when they were kids. And because everyone wants to go to a…

Recruiting rundown

2/2/18 | HuskerMax
  The Nebraska football coaching staff visit several Nebraska cities following Signing Day to discuss the 2018 recruiting class, with events set Wednesday, Feb. 7 and Thursday, Feb. 8. The Husker coaches will spend time discussing the newest members of the Husker football program, and fans will have an opportunity to see video highlights of each of the signees. The…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #194

1/29/18 | Patrick Janssen
Well, this was a cheery week. All sorts of fun topics like Michigan State and how we as Husker fans should view that whole nasty situation. Also, we talk Husker football winter conditioning. Is Zach Duval going to murder a Husker with his workload, and can he possibly do the same to Tweedy? PLEEEEAASE? Seriously, we're trying to get everyone…

Transcript: Scott Frost’s signing-day conference call

12/20/17 | HuskerMax
On general impressions of the signing class “I think we have good pieces on the team in Lincoln. And I think they had more talent on the team last season than the record indicates. We’re excited to get to work with the guys that are already on campus in Lincoln, but adding talent certainly helps. A lot of these kids…

Nebraska football early signing day, class of 2018

12/20/17 | HuskerMax
Go to our 2018 recruiting page for details on each player, including video highlights and additional coverage of their recruitment and signing. Go to our 2018 recruiting page for details on each player, including video highlights and additional coverage of their recruitment and signing. Coverage • Nebraska Athletics: Conference call transcript and player bios • Lincoln Journal Star: When Frost…

Carriker Chronicles: Adrian Martinez interview

12/20/17 | HuskerMax
Nebraska quarterback commit Adrian Martinez talks with Adam Carriker about the open competition at QB, why he’s so excited to play for Coach Frost and signing with Nebraska on Wednesday. Former Husker Carriker talks with Nebraska quarterback commit Adrian Martinez on why he picked the Huskers, Scott Frost and more.