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This list of links to Husker photos at various sites on the internet began when such photos were a rarity on the web. That's no longer the case, so starting with the 2001 season, all photo links are listed on the corresponding game page only.

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vs. West Virginia
Doug Colman dives for the ball after sacking Eric Boykin
vs. Wyoming
Brook Berringer carries the ball
vs. Kansas State
Troy Dumas tackles J.J. Smith
Percell Gaskins tackles Lawrence Phillips
vs. Colorado
Dwayne Harris sacks Kordell Stewart
Same play, larger image
Brook Berringer on the carry
Brendan Stai blocks as Berringer passes
Another run by Berringer
Berringer gets a pass away
Another carry by Berringer
Same play, wider angle
Berringer rolls left
Cory Schlesinger rambles
Another shot of Schlesinger
vs. Kansas
Zach Wiegert and Brendan Stai
Cory Schlesinger picks up yardage
vs. Miami
Cory Schlesinger streaks past the Miami defenders with 7:38 left
Five minutes later, it's Schlesinger again, with the winning TD
Tommie Frazier tries to elude linebacker Ray Lewis
Frazier runs 25 yards on final TD drive; C.J. Richardson on the tackle
Linebacker Eddie Stewart forces Frank Costa to unload early
Terry Connealy after sacking QB Frank Costa
Players carry Coach Tom Osborne off the field
A nice photo collage
Tom Osborne and the co-captains


vs. UCLA
Tommie Frazier scrambles for yardage


vs. Penn State
Mike Rozier carries (SI cover, Sept. 5, 1983)
vs. UCLA
Turner Gill runs the offense
vs. Kansas
Rozier carries the ball
Irving Fryar in the open field
vs. Miami
Omaha World-Herald gallery
Bernie Kosar throws
Jeff Smith fills in for the injured Mike Rozier
Turner Gill tosses a pass
Jeff Smith races 24 yards for a TD on fourth-and-eight
vs. ????
Tom Osborne and Gill confer on the sideline


vs. Oklahoma
Richard Berns shreds the Sooners
The Blackshirts force another Thomas Lott fumble
Jim Pillen and Jeff Hansen celebrate after Billy Sims fumbles at the NU 3
(Trivia: Doctored version of this photo is seen in which movie? Answer is here.)
Hansen's hit on Sims
vs. Oklahoma II
Richard Berns carries the ball
Tim Smith celebrates a fourth-quarter TD


vs. Alabama
Richard Berns rambles for yardage against the Tide
vs. Kansas State
George Andrews knocks the ball loose


vs. Texas Tech
Reg Gast's fumble recovery seals the bowl victory


vs. LSU
Monte Anthony carries the ball
vs. Indiana
Vince Ferragamo gets ready to take the snap from Tom Davis
vs. TCU
Chuck Malito hauls in a fourth-quarter TD pass
vs. Kansas
Ray Phillips keeps KU off the scoreboard with a field-goal block
Bobby Thomas goes high for a catch
vs. Colorado
Dave Gillespie picks up some of his 100-plus yards
Monte Anthony runs the ball
vs. Iowa State
Curtis Craig picks up yardage
vs. Arizona State
Tony Davis fights for yardage in the Fiesta Bowl


vs. Northwestern
Wingback Tom Heiser picks up yardage
vs. Minnesota
Rik Bonness leads the way for Tony Davis
vs. Kansas State
Tony Davis fires off a surprise pass
vs. Florida
Monte Anthony picks up yardage against the Gators
Mike Coyle kicks the game-winner


vs. Texas
Tony Davis is stopped at the goal line near the end of the first half


vs. Notre Dame
World-Herald photos
Johnny Rodgers takes a Dave Humm pass for a 50-yard TD


vs. Oklahoma
Johnny Rodgers' punt return for a TD
Jeff Kinney scores one of his four TDs
vs. Alabama
World-Herald slide show
Jerry Tagge sets up to pass
Bob Terrio with a fumble recovery
Same shot, only bigger
Johnny Rodgers eludes 'Bama coverage on a 77-yard punt return


vs. LSU
Jerry Tagge gets the ball across the goal line for the game-winner


Team photos
Coaching staff
Memorial Stadium
Radio & TV ads


vs. Alabama
Carel Stith tries to swat a pass by Alabama's Wayne Trimble


vs. Air Force
Frank Solich high-steps for some of his 205 rushing yards
Solich's block helps spring Harry Wilson for a 37-yard gain at Missouri
Preseason team photos


vs. Kansas
Kent McCloughan and Bobby Hohn lead the way for "Lighthorse" Harry Wilson
vs. Arkansas
Harry Wilson's TD puts Nebraska ahead
Frank Solich takes a handoff from Bob Churchich in the Cotton Bowl
Solich running it again (on the cover of SI's 1965 college preview issue)
Larry Wachholtz stretches out for an interception


vs. Auburn
Dennis Claridge scoots for 68 yards and a score
Bobby Hohn carries the ball in the Orange Bowl


vs. Oklahoma
Game action from the Huskers' shutout win


vs. Army
Chris Cagle of Army runs for a short gain


Ed Weir poses for a publicity shot before his junior season


vs. Notre Dame
Verne Lewellen runs through a big hole in the last game at Nebraska Field


Coach Bob Devaney, 1971
Devaney, circa 1965
Memorial Stadium
A championship collage; with photos from both the 1970s and 1990s
Another championship collage