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This list of links to Husker photos at various sites on the internet began when such photos were a rarity on the web. That's no longer the case, so starting with the 2001 season, all photo links are listed on the corresponding game page only.

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vs. Oklahoma State
A Reggie Baul catch and run
Damon Benning carries the ball
vs. Michigan State
Jared Tomich grabs an MSU fumble on the opening kickoff
Tomich sacks Tony Banks
Lawrence Phillips running in the second quarter
Phillips scores on a second-quarter dive
MSU's Shon Wright takes on Phillips
Tony Banks tries to throw under pressure
MSU's Marc Renaud tries to find running room
New coach Nick Saban patrols the MSU sideline
Jeff Makovicka powers for yardage
Michigan State fullback Greene leaps over line
Phillips runs 50 yards for a TD
Another sack by Tomich
Phillips tries to elude a defender
vs. Arizona State
Tommie Frazier scrambles for yardage
Another shot of Frazier
vs. Washington State
Tommie Frazier is tackled by Shad Hinchen in the second quarter
vs. Missouri
Tommie Frazier is tackled by Missouri's DeMontie Cross after a long gain
vs. Kansas State
Ahman Green avoids Nyle Wiren and the Wildcat defense
Michael Booker brings down Mitch Running
vs. Colorado
Jon Vedral celebrates a touchdown
Jon Hesse sacks Colorado QB John Hessler
CU's Kenny Wilkins scoops up a fumble (whistle had blown play dead)
Tommie Frazier tries to tackle Wilkins
Terrell Farley returns an interception
Tommie Frazier is tackled in the first half
Frazier and Ahman Green celebrate a TD
vs. Iowa State
Reggie Baul leaps for a second-quarter touchdown catch
vs. Oklahoma
Ahman Green brushes off a defender
Michael Booker intercepts a second-quarter pass
vs. Florida
Terrell Farley sacks Danny Wuerffel
Lawrence Phillips scores a 2nd-quarter TD
Same TD, different shot
Frazier congratulates Phillips after 2nd-quarter TD run
Florida coach Steve Spurrier grimaces
Clinton Childs evades Ed Chester
Tommie Frazier on the run in the 2nd quarter
Tom Osborne gives directions from the sideline
Reserve QB Matt Turman cheers from the sideline
Lawrence Phillips scores NU's first TD
Tony Veland and Michael Booker try to defend Florida's Chris Doering
Jamel Williams nails Danny Wuerffel for a safety
Gators' view of Frazier on 75-yard run
Dr. Tom with the Sears Trophy
A nice batch of Allsport photos
Omaha World-Herald gallery