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This list of links to Husker photos at various sites on the internet began when such photos were a rarity on the web. That's no longer the case, so starting with the 2001 season, all photo links are listed on the corresponding game page only.

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vs. Tennessee
Ralph Brown jars the ball loose from Jamal Lewis
Erwin Swiney defends as the pass is too long for David Martin
Mike Rucker sacks Peyton Manning
Billy Legate blocks as Cory Gaines can't stop Ahman Green
Green flips after being brought down
Green tries to get around Leonard Little
Scott Frost tries to get past Al Wilson
Frost smiles after a third-quarter TD
Manning is glum as final seconds tick away
Tom Osborne holds the Bowl Alliance trophy
vs. Texas A&M
Ahman Green reaches for the pylon on his 25-yard TD run
Green goes airborne
Scott Frost on the run
Mike Brown and Tony Ortiz team up on a tackle
Fans get into it under the dome
vs. Colorado
Ahman Green tries to break free during the second quarter
CU's Robert Toler pulls in an 18-yard touchdown pass as Ralph Brown defends
Joel Makovicka is tackled during the second quarter
John Hessler is dragged down from behind by Grant Wistrom in the third quarter
Scott Frost scores in the second quarter
Grant Wistrom tries to bring down Hessler in the second quarter
vs. Iowa State
Scott Frost on a first-quarter carry
Jason Peter and Octavious McFarlin wrap up Darren Davis
Same play, different angle
Ahman Green runs between ISU's Kevin Hudson and Preston Rhamy
Jason Peter, in his last home game, and Tom Osborne
Chad Kelsay returns a fumble
vs. Missouri
A three-photo sequence of the flea-kicker
Two more shots from same play
Matt Davison holds the ball up after his shoestring catch
Scott Frost carries the ball
Frost asks for a face-mask penalty in the third quarter
Corby Jones is chased out of the pocket by Nebraska's Eric Johnson
Tom Osborne and Aaron Taylor confer late in the game
Frost and center Josh Heskew celebrate Nebraska's overtime touchdown
vs. Oklahoma
Grant Wistrom's hit jars the ball loose from Moore
Wistrom and Mike Brown nail OU's Brandon Daniels
A shot of Wistrom with the recovered ball
Carlos Polk, on kick coverage, forces a fumble by Jarrail Jackson
Joel Makovicka romps for his first TD
Same play, different angle
Ahman Green stiff-arms OU's Terry White
Green runs away from OU's Kelly Gregg
Rainbow and a 55-0 lead
Tom Osborne and postgame fireworks for win No. 250
Game ball goes to Dr. Tom
vs. Kansas
A stop on defense
Frost dives for yardage
Makovicka runs downfield after scooping up a blocked NU punt
Fan try to stay dry
vs. Texas Tech
Octavius McFarlin closes in on Tech's Malcom McKenzie
Kyle Vanden Bosch stops Tech's Derek Dorris
Vershan Jackson gets up after a 15-yard reception
Lance Brown tries to escape Tech's Eric Butler and Ty Ardoin
Ahman Green is dragged down by Tony Darden
Frost fights for yardage
vs. Baylor
Ahman Green fends off a tackler
Scott Frost carries the ball
Frost advises ref
Joel Makovicka runs 15 yards for a score
vs. Kansas State
Josh Heskew congratulates Ahman Green after Green's first TD
Eric Johnson and Mike Brown bring down Eric Hickson
Erwin Swiney tackles Michael Bishop
A swarm of Huskers takes down Brian Goolsby
Coach Tom Osborne on the sideline
Green scores the first of his four TDs
Brian Shaw sacks Bishop
Hickson scores a first-quarter TD
KSU's Martin Gramatica's first PAT attempt is blocked
vs. Washington
Scott Frost runs 34 yards for NU's first TD.
Frost celebrates after scoring
Frost tries to escape UW's Sekou Wiggs in the first quarter.
Jerome Pathon beats Ralph Brown to the ball
Makovicka takes Parrish for a little ride
vs. Central Florida
Mike Brown and Jerome Peterson defend Charles Lee; Peterson got INT
Joel Makovicka rumbles
Another carry by Makovicka
Ralph Brown on the tackle
Frankie London toting it
vs. Akron
Eric Warfield lays a lick on James Washington
Correll Buckhalter on the carry
Ssott Frost stiff-arms a defender
Matt Davison fighting for yardage
Spring game
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