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Athletic Honors

National Honors

Butkus Award Winner: Trev Alberts, OLB (1. Alberts, 100 points; 2. Derrick Brooks, FSU, 72 points; 3. Jamir Miller, UCLA, 44 points)
Butkus Nominee: Mike Anderson, LB
Doak Walker ("The National Running Back Award") Finalist: Calvin Jones, IB (one of eight)
Football News and College Sports Defensive Player-of-the- Year: Trev Alberts, OLB
Touchdown Club of Columbus; College Linebacker-of-the- Year: Trev Alberts, OLB
Football Writers Defensive Player-of-the-Year Semifinalist: Trev Alberts, OLB
Davey O'Brien Quarterback Award Semifinalist: Tommie Frazier, QB (one of 10, only sophomore)
Lou Groza Collegiate Place-Kicker Award Nominee: Byron Bennett, PK/Punter
Football News All-Bowl Team: Trev Alberts, OLB; Toby Wright, Rover

All-America Honors

First-Team All-American: Trev Alberts, OLB (Kodak, Football News, Football Writers, Walter Camp, AP, UPI, Sporting News, College & Pro Football Newsweekly)
Second-Team All-American: Zach Wiegert, OT (UPI)
Third-Team All-American: Calvin Jones, IB (Football News, AP); Zach Wiegert (AP)
Honorable-Mention All-American: Calvin Jones, IB (UPI); Lance Lundberg, OT (UPI)
Coach-of-the-Year: Tom Osborne (Coaches)
Big Eight Male Athlete-of-the-Year: Trev Alberts, OLB
Defensive Player-of-the-Year: Trev Alberts, OLB (AP, Coaches, unanimous)
Co-Defensive Newcomer-of-the-Year: Tyrone Williams, CB (Coaches)

First-Team All-Big Eight:
Trev Alberts, OLB (AP, Coaches)
Terry Connealy, DT (AP)
Calvin Jones, IB (AP, Coaches)
Lance Lundberg, OT (AP, Coaches)
Ken Mehlin, OG (Coaches)
Barron Miles, CB (Coaches)
Kevin Ramaekers, DT (AP)
Zach Wiegert, OT (AP, Coaches)
Second-Team All-Big Eight:
Terry Connealy, DT (Coaches)
Tommie Frazier, QB (AP, Coaches)
John Reece, FS/CB (AP)
Ed Stewart, LB (Coaches)
Toby Wright, Rover (Coaches)
Honorable-Mention All-Big Eight:
Mike Anderson, LB (Coaches)
Gerald Armstrong, TE (Coaches)
Byron Bennett, Punter (Coaches)
Corey Dixon, SE and Ret. Specialist (AP, Coaches)
Ken Mehlin, C/OG (AP)
Abdul Muhammad, WB (Coaches)
John Reece, FS (Coaches)
Ed Stewart, LB (AP)
Toby Wright, Rover (AP)
(APAssociated Press; CoachesBig Eight Coaches)

Game-Day Awards

ABC/Chevrolet Nebraska Player-of-the-Game, Sept. 18, at UCLA: Trev Alberts, OLB
Sports Illustrated Defensive Player-of-the-Game, Sept. 18, at UCLA: Trev Alberts, OLB
ESPN Nebraska Player-of-the-Game, Oct. 7, at Oklahoma State: Barron Miles, CB
ABC/Chevrolet Nebraska Player-of-the-Game, Oct. 30, at Colorado: Tommie Frazier, QB
Sporting News Defensive Player-of-the-Week, Oct. 30, at Colorado: Trev Alberts, OLB
ABC/Chevrolet Nebraska Player-of-the-Game, Nov. 26, vs. Oklahoma: Dwayne Harris, OLB

Big Eight Player-of-the-Week Nominations
Week   Offense              Defense
09/04  Calvin Jones, IB     Ernie Beler, LB
09/11  Tommie Frazier,QB    Trev Alberts, OLB
09/18  Tommie Frazier,QB    Trev Alberts, OLB
09/25  Tommie Frazier,QB    Toby Wright, ROV
10/07  Calvin Jones, IB     Barron Miles, CB
10/16  Tommie Frazier, QB   Ed Stewart, LB
10/23  Calvin Jones, IB     Trev Alberts, OLB
10/30  Corey Dixon, SE      Trev Alberts, OLB
11/06  Calvin Jones, IB     Mike Anderson, LB
11/13  Tommie Frazier,QB    Ed Stewart, LB
11/26  Abdul Muhammad, WB   Dwayne Harris, OLB
 Bold indicates winning conference award.

Academic Honors

National Honors

NCAA Today's Top Six Award: Trev Alberts, OLB
NFF/HOF Fellowship ($18,000): Trev Alberts, OLB
NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship ($5,000): Trev Alberts, OLB
NACDA/Disney Scholar-Athlete ($5,000): Trev Alberts, OLB
Big Eight Conference Postgraduate Scholarship ($3,000): Trev Alberts, OLB
CFA/Hitachi Scholar-Athletes: Trev Alberts, OLB, Rob Zatechka, OT
CFA/Hitachi Good Works Team: Troy Branch, LB
Grades & Glory Academic All-America Team:
First-Team: Troy Branch, LB, 3.328 cum., history
Third-Team: David Seizys, WB, 3.48 year, education
Honorable-Mention: Luther Hardin, OLB, business admin.
Hitachi Promise of Tomorrow Scholarship: David Seizys, WB

GTE Academic All-American

First-Team: Trev Alberts, OLB, 3.309 cum., speech communication; Terry Connealy, DT, 3.758 cum., agribusiness; Rob Zatechka, OG, 4.0 cum., biological sciences
Second-Team: Ken Mehlin, OG, 3.582, cum., agribusiness
All-District VII: Trev Alberts, OLB; Rob Zatechka, OT; Terry Connealy, DT; Ken Mehlin, OG

Phillips 66 Academic All-Big Eight

First-Team All-Big Eight:
Trev Alberts, OLB, 3.309 cum., speech communication
Rob Zatechka, OG, 4.0 cum., biological sciences
Terry Connealy, NT, 3.94 year, agribusiness
Ken Mehlin, OG, 3.75, year, agribusiness
Aaron Graham, C, 3.11 year, animal science
Troy Branch, LB, 3.328, cum., history
Honor Roll:
David Seizys, WB, 3.48 year, education
David Noonan, NT, 3.27 year, HPER
Phil Ellis, LB, 3.00 year, biological sciences
Matt Shaw, TE, 3.80 cum., biological sciences
Jerad Higman, OLB, 3.73 cum., mechanical engineering
Mike Heins, CB, 3.0 year, agribusiness
Steve Ott, OG, 3.601 cum., biological sciences
Jason Pesterfield, DT, 3.028 year, marketing
Austin Wertz, LB, 3.30 year, physical education

ESPN/Toyota Nebraska Student-of-the-Game: Oct. 7--at Oklahoma State: Trev Alberts, OLB
ABC/Honda/Scholar-Athlete of the Game: Nov. 26-Oklahoma: Trev Alberts, OLB