Terrell Newby
Aug. 5, 2015 | Fall camp press conference

Junior Terrell Newby

On Coach Mike Riley saying he is the running back with the edge so far in preseason camp

Feels pretty good, so far I feel like being consistent and spring helped me do that coming out as the top dog. Coach (Reggie) Davis kind of indicated that I was making a lot of strides and had a pretty good spring and I heard some pretty good remarks from Coach Riley in the spring.”


On if it feels like it has been a long time coming

Yeah it has been a while, since I have been in a position like this but I feel like I learned a lot of different things under Ameer (Abdullah) and gained a lot of experience from the other guys in the room.”


On what he needs to do to make those five to seven yards runs into home runs

I feel like taking one play at a time is the biggest thing for me, not trying to force things but like I said I think I have gained a lot of experience and gained a lot of confidence in the offense. I have worked on a lot of things in the spring, like my foot work, just trying to pick up some things.


On the biggest thing he learned from Ameer Abdullah during the time they spent together

I would say just confidence and the IQ part of working, as Ameer showed every day at practice. Hard work and effort was a huge thing, he instilled some of those drills in my head and motivational stuff like that. He has just been a real good influence on me and all the other running backs in the room.”


On Jordan Stevenson coming in… good thing?

I feel like it is a good thing for all of us, for Jordan also. Competition drives all of us and it has always been a big competition since Ameer was here… battling for second or third string. I think it only makes us better as a group.”


On if he’s met Jordan Stevenson

Yeah I met him yesterday, just briefly.”


On his goals

I just kind of want to take one thing at a time going into Fall Camp. I don’t really have set numbers for me or anything like that. I am feeling really comfortable in the offense and a lot of things feel a lot more nature to me now.”