Daniel Davie
Aug. 5, 2015 | Fall camp press conference

Senior Daniel Davie

On whether or not he would rather have Fall Camp practice in the morning or at night

I think I like going at night better just because the sun is down and it is not as hot. Guys can be focused on practice and not so much on the heat and hydrating and things like that. I am looking forward to the night practices, I think it’s going to be fun.”

On his health

I am good, 100 percent ready to go.”

On how he is adjusting to another new position coach

I think it is going well, Coach (Brian) Stewart—he is real knowledgeable, especially about the corners. He has taught me a lot of new techniques and things I can apply to my game as well as things about the offense and little things to look for while I am playing in defense. I think as a secondary as a whole, we really enjoy playing for him and the things he has brought to the room. We are going to play pretty good under him.”

On how does the change of the defensive system affects the secondary

For the corners especially, we won’t really have a safety over the top a lot of the time, so it is kind of up to us to win those 1-on-1 battles. That is something we did in the previous system as well, but most of the time we were in a two-high look, so we had some help back there. Now it is important for me and all the corners to win those 1-on-1 matchups. That is probably the biggest thing for us out there.”

On if there will be more game day tension because of the new defensive staff

I don’t think so, I think when you play corner you want to be out there playing man. Covering is something I enjoy and something I have been working on throughout the summer. Being out there with DPE (De’Mornay Pierson-El) just working on our game. I think that has helped a lot and I am ready for the challenge.”

On working with De’Mornay during the summer

I know in 7-on7 we kind of made it a point to go against each other so that is always fun. He gets his and I get mine, so it is kind of fun going back and forth with him. We are just trying to get better, we are on the same team.”

On why he worked with De’Mornay

He is up there with the talent, he is pretty good. He kind of gives me a different look because he is a smaller guy and pretty quick. I just like going against him—it is fun to talk some trash with him.”

On if he reset his expectations with the new coaching staff

Every coach has a different philosophy and different things they want to be held accountable, we kind of have to adjust to what Coach (Mike) Riley wants. At the end of the day, we are all out there just playing football, when you play football you do what you need to do on the field and off the field you will be alright no matter who the coach is.”