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Nebraska-Florida predictions

1996 Fiesta Bowl

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Florida victory“So why are we picking the Gators? One reason: Nebraska won’t be able to put enough pressure on Wuerffel. No pressure, no second consecutive national championship.”
Gene Wojciechowski, The Sporting News
Florida victory“Everything the Gators do — throw deep and wide, jam the line of scrimmage — fits the profile of what it would take to beat the Cornhuskers. ... Expect Nebraska to play like mad, as always, and to play well. Expect the Cornhuskers to lose, barely. It’s Florida’s time now.”
Tim Layden, Sports Illustrated
Florida victory“Florida will beat Nebraska in a wild game in tonight’s Fiesta Bowl to become national champion and Steve Spurrier will crow more than a heavyweight boxer.”
Kirk Bohls, Austin American-Statesman
Florida 38,
Nebraska 35
“I’d love Nebraska if it were playing a more conventional team, but Spurrier breaks all the rules with an offense that tries to score on every play.”
Dick Weiss, New York Daily News
Florida 35,
Nebraska 31
“Steve Spurrier has shown that he can adjust to any situation during a game and can create points when it seems impossible.”
Steve Wyche, Miami Herald
Florida 31,
Nebraska 22
“Nebraska’s front five get all the attention, with their corn-fed (and media-fed) heritage, but the Gators’ offensive line may be their best since 'The Great Wall' of 1984.”
Mike Dame, Orlando Sentinel
Florida 30,
Nebraska 24
“You score more quickly with the forward pass.”
Tom McEwen, Tampa Tribune
Florida 41,
Nebraska 27
“The Cornhuskers aren’t playing Kansas anymore.”
Ron Kaspriske, Tampa Tribune
Florida 31,
Nebraska 28
“He who gets it last wins.”
Joe Biddle, Nashville Banner
Florida 37,
Nebraska 10
“Janet Reno replaces beleaguered coach Tom Osborne.”
George Diaz, Orlando Sentinel
Florida 31,
Nebraska 30
“Florida’s offense makes the difference.”
Tom Hicks, Mobile Press-Register
Florida 35,
Nebraska 24
“Gators get high on natural grass.”
Mick Huber, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Florida 28,
Nebraska 17
“Nebraska can’t spell Wuerffel much less stop him.”
Brian Landman, St. Petersburg Times
Florida 37,
Nebraska 20
“Nebraska’s running game won’t be as effective as when they are chased by the cops.”
Bruce Lowitt, St. Petersburg Times
Florida 37,
Nebraska 24
“Florida should move the ball up and down the field.”
Hubert Mizell, St. Petersburg Times
Florida 35,
Nebraska 31
“Nebraska has more trouble stopping the fun and gun than Florida does Ground Osborne.”
Paul Newberry, The Associated Press
Florida 35,
Nebraska 2
“The next Tampa Bay head coach 35, Lawrence Phillips 2.”
Steve Schoenfeld, Arizona Republic
Florida 35,
Nebraska 31
“Whoever stops the other’s offense will win. I think that’s Florida.”
Steve Wieberg, USA Today
Florida 27,
Nebraska 14
“I lean toward imagination.”
Steve Wulf, Sports Illustrated
Florida 27,
Nebraska 24
“The Gators are America’s new Prince Valiant.”
John McGrath, Tacoma News-Tribune
Florida 35,
Nebraska 21
“Both teams are big and good and so well-schooled but the Gators have the speed.”
Roy Exum, Chattanooga Free Press
Nebraska 33,
Florida 21
“Power and speed beats finesse and speed.”
Chris Harry, Tampa Tribune
Nebraska 34,
Florida 24
“Huskers prevail barring further arrests.”
Martin Fennelly, Tampa Tribune
Nebraska 31,
Florida 23
“The Cornhuskers will have the ball all night.”
Robbie Andreu, Gainesville Sun
Nebraska 31,
Florida 28
“Nebraska wears teams down in the fourth quarter.”
Tony Barnhardt, Atlanta Constitution
Nebraska 31,
Florida 24
“The game is at night. Criminals do their best work after dark.”
Mike Bianchi, Florida Times-Union
Nebraska 24,
Florida 10
“Florida’s offense will never get on the field.”
Gerry Fraley, Dallas Morning News
Nebraska 38,
Florida 28
“Nebraska will put enough pressure on Wuerffel to withstand UF’s offense.”
Dave George, Palm Beach Post
Nebraska 34,
Florida 24
“Tommie Frazier will make the difference.”
Curt McKeever, Lincoln Journal-Star
Nebraska 41,
Florida 38
“Last team with the ball wins.”
Ray McNulty, New York Post
Nebraska 45,
Florida 38
“It will be a scoring contest, but Nebraska’s defense is a little better than Florida.”
Eric Olson, Omaha World-Herald
Nebraska 24,
Florida 21
“It will come down to defense. Nebraska’s defense is better.”
S.L. Price, Sports Illustrated
Nebraska 35,
Florida 31
“Another dragon from the sunshine state: fleet, stylish and thoroughly modern. Florida is Miami and FSU without the ring. But it’s not the Gators’ time. It’s Nebraska’s.”
Tom Shatel, Omaha World-Herald
Nebraska 30,
Florida 28
“The initial temptation is to go with Wuerffel and Florida. The Huskers have not seen passing pyrotechnics like those Florida ignites. But this particular season neither has Florida had to operate against a defense as sound as Nebraska’s.”
Gary Long, Miami Herald
Nebraska 35,
Florida 21
“Nebraska’s unfamiliarity playing on grass fields might be a factor, but experience in big games should be an even bigger one.”
Don Markus, Baltimore Sun