Take this quiz to check your knowledge about the night the Huskers won their first national championship. | Game page

(1) Who were the network TV announcers for the game? (2) Jerry Tagge’s stretch for the winning TD is the game’s most iconic moment. On what down did the play occur? (3) LSU entered the game leading the nation in which category? (4) Who set up Nebraska’s first touchdown with a fumble recovery at the LSU 15? (5) Who forced that fumble? (6) Who was Nebraska’s leading tackler in this game? (7) Who is this starting defensive player who wore glasses, not contacts, during games? (8) Defensive lineman Ed Periard was Nebraska’s second-leading tackler in this game. What was his listed height and weight? (9) The Huskers’ leading rusher and leading receiver in this game each had 63 yards. Who were they? (10) How many punt return yards did Johnny Rodgers have in this game? (11) As Nebraska tried to run out the clock, whose fumble gave LSU the ball back on its own 40 yard line with 52 seconds left? (12) What did LSU do on the very next play? (13) Which higher-ranked teams lost earlier in the day to open the door for No. 3 Nebraska to claim the national championship?