Video: Wistrom & Peter address team

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Wistrom and Peter
Grant Wistrom, left, and Jason Peter

A video showing portions of last week’s talk to the team by former Blackshirts Grant Wistrom and Jason Peter was released Thursday on Twitter by Gerrod Lambrecht, Nebraska head football coach Scott Frost’s chief of staff. During the Aug. 10 session, Wistrom speaks of a culture shift at one point and then says, “How bad do you want it? That’s what it comes down to, especially on defense.” Peter says toughness and intensity are paramount: “Every day, every minute, every rep that defensive tackle or defensive end takes, you got to be going a million miles an hour.” The video, a little over two minutes long, is embedded below. “The rest stays in-house,” Lambrecht says in his tweet. | Discuss






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