Tanner Lee: Monday presser, 2017 Ohio State

By NU Athletic Communications
Nebraska Football

Weekly Press Conference
Monday, Oct. 9, 2017
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Pre-Ohio State

Quarterback Tanner Lee
On his thoughts on the offense against Wisconsin
“I liked how most of the drives we were able to move the ball and able to do some good things, but we’ve got to find ways to score points, and that’s something we’ve got to focus on this week, because being able to finish in the end zone, it takes some pressure off our defense. Staying on the field a little longer, it can help out the team, so we’ll focus on that.”

On Michael Decker’s play at center
“I think he’s been doing great, and I have great confidence in him. He’s been doing a good job with making quick calls at the line and getting guys set and getting them lined up. He just kind of came in without a hitch, and he’s been doing a great job.”

On Michael Decker’s analytical ability
“I think it helps out the entire offensive line. I think they have a confidence in him and his ability to make calls and be smart in those situations and I trust him a lot. So it helps everyone.”

On last year’s game against Ohio State 
“It was tough to watch. I didn’t get to travel but I watched it here. So, no real take aways from that. I mean obviously they will have the same talented team as they do, as they seem to have every year. They will be quick, athletic, and strong up front. So that will be a good challenge again for us this week.”

On the offensive line
“I think they did a good job. I think that was a good front. That was a consistent, tough pass rush. I was able to have time and go through reads and get through my progressions well. I think they played their butts off. I think that was a good challenge for them and will get them especially ready for this week.”

On moving on from a tough loss
“You know it’s difficult at first, you’re obviously being competitive and you want to win and you want to win big games so that game was tough. But I mean, we have to put it behind us. There really is no other option. So we’ll focus on that especially as leaders and captains it is our job to steer the ship and make sure everyone is doing the right things and continuing to work hard and bringing a focus and motivation this week to get a big win.”

On what the team falls back on in the hard times
“I think it’s just the bond we’ve built from summer. Just going through those conditionings, you do build a bond there and I think that’s kind of a family atmosphere we’ve built in the locker room and I think it has helped us as we’ve gone through some adversity this year and I think it’s definitely something I have been able to lean on and just kind of have the trust in my teammates that they’re always going to be there for me and for each other. I think we will continue to work hard because we want to play hard for each other. So I think it is something that is really good about this team.”

On the Ohio State defense vs. the Wisconsin defense
“Very similar in a lot of ways. Very similar in the way that they play as far as, you know, just being relentless and confident.  Both teams have athletic safeties and an interesting style of pass rush and defensive line. So, we will see a lot of similarities there.”

On if he has grown more comfortable
“Yeah I think so. Just trying to get better each game and build off of each outing. Learn things and being able to apply it to the next game is something I am focusing on.”

On JD Spielman
“I think he’s so quick and shifty, I think he’s the perfect third-down threat, and in any situation. So, I think we have been doing a good job of moving him around and finding different ways to get him open and he has been doing a great job making those clutch catches and moving the chains. So, he is just a great player in that way.”

On what he says about missed catches
“Not much. Just go up to them and give them some reassurance and tell them that we just need you catch the next one so do not worry about the last one. When things like that happen, we’re going to need those guys to make plays later so just make sure they keep their confidence up and just focus on the next ball.”

On running the ball himself
“Yeah, I think we saw some good coverage last game and I was just kind of… when things break down I think the last step in my progression is to run and get out and to just make a play. So I will continue to work on that and focus on that. But I do feel comfortable if I need to do that.”