Big Red Cobcast: Signing Day

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Although we have many months ahead of us before we get to see the Huskers in pads again, we are still in daily competition with the top programs in the country. I’m talking about the battle for top recruits that will go on until signing day, Dec 19 (and perhaps beyond). The recent flip of Kentucky commit Wandale Robinson is more evidence of the progress we are making in that department. Over the past couple of Nebraska coaching regimes recruits like Wandale usually ended up flipping from US to other programs.
We also had the annoying habit of letting some of the State’s top recruits slip away to other programs (Hello, Noah Fant, Harrison Phillips, etc).  This year’s recruiting class features the top five players in the state, not counting the walk-ons. Oh, speaking of the Walk-ons? We are putting together one of the best walk-on classes in years (and last years wasn’t bad).  What I’m saying is, if you were disappointed that you didn’t get to see Nebraska winning on the field this season (who wasn’t?), you might want to pay attention to recruiting the next couple of weeks because it looks like we are going to be winning some battles off the field that will soon be translating to wins ON the field.
And you might want to enjoy the time off because I think we are going to be playing into January for the foreseeable future.

What’s In The Episode?

This would seem to indicate that we have an episode chock full of recruiting nuggets- AND WE DO!, but those nuggets might be buried among the usual nuggets of Tweedy tantrums and Iowa bashing (with some extra Creighton bashing this week).  Pat and Ryan actually agree about something early on and Joe adds his usual amount of non sequiturs and under his breath comments.

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