Player quotes: Scott Frost introduction

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Offensive Lineman Jerald Foster

On the hiring of Scott Frost

“Just seeing the former players, the coaching staff, third floor and all of our fans going the same way is just great. It feels like we’re moving forward. We haven’t really done anything yet, but it does feel like at least everyone is on board with Frost and what he’s going to bring to Nebraska, so I’m excited.”

On Frost’s enthusiasm on Nebraska

“Having somebody that knows about the culture, knows about the tradition and stuff like that, it is exciting and I’m happy that he’s here. I’m happy that he’s ready to get going, I hope that he’s able to finish off with UCF and their bowl, because those guys deserve it. But, when he does get here, I feel like all the guys are all ready for it and ready to have a good season.”

On Frost’s message this morning

“Exactly what he said, to get some rest, take this winter break for yourselves and get healed up and when it gets to January when we all start back up, we’re going to hit the ground running. It’s going to be hard, but it’s going to be worth it. So, I believe it.”

On Frost’s quick turnaround ability

“I’m really excited about it, obviously people watching from afar, too. Like he said, he’s been watching us but we’ve been watching him. Being able to see somebody that ran through Nebraska and did it all in ’97, being able to see him succeed and then bring his success to us, I’m happy for us. I’m excited for this to be my last year and to do it with somebody that looks like he’s full of emotion about the game and everything that’s going on. It’s nice to see everybody pushing the same way, we’re all together I feel like with the fans and the community. I can’t wait.”


Defensive Lineman Mick Stoltenberg

On his overall thoughts

“Definitely a lot of excitement. I like what he’s about, what he has to say and what he’s for so far. I’m really excited for the unified purpose, and I’m excited to try to get this team on the right track. I believe we have the bodies and the talent and the personnel to get some good things done. With his help and his staff coming in, all the players are excited to get the ball rolling.”

On Frost’s comments about Nebraska

“It means a lot to me. It’s kind of cool seeing him come back to his roots, and like you said he understands better than anyone. He went to school here, he excelled here, and he’s from here. It’s definitely just an exciting change for us and I think he’ll definitely be a good fit for us.”

On the last few weeks without a head coach

“I really do think we’re handling it well. Obviously, you’ve got to love Coach Riley, and all of the coaches like Coach Parella, Coach Diaco. Everyone who was here, I love to death and they’re great men. They helped me grow a lot as a person and a player. I think what they did, keeping Coach Bray here as they interim, kind of getting everyone to stay on track, going to class and getting in the weight room and still developing us and stuff like that. It’s definitely been kind of a whirlwind, but I thought the team handled it well and the guys were really optimistic and ready to get to work.”

On his injury against Iowa

“Just rehabbing the ankle every day, I rehabbed every day last week and I’m hoping in these next couple weeks I can start getting back to running and all that stuff again. Like you said, you come back in January and you’ve got to be ready to go, so you’ve just got to get healthy and get ready to go.”

On Frost’s influence this morning

“Obviously, it’ll take a while to materialize the effect, but you can kind of see it in his eyes. The things he said to us were kind of a catalyst to get things rolling and I do trust it.”

On Moos’ message yesterday

“He kind of gave us all an automated call, basically it was nice we kind of got to hear right away what was going on. He basically just told us a decision had been made to hire Coach Frost. It was good that it got relayed to everybody and it was pretty smooth.”

On the team’s attitude

“Obviously the intent is there, the unified purpose and having something to work towards. Everyone’s got to trust in the system and trust in each other, the work is going to be a lot harder. So, just to work hard and do better as a team for the university and for the state.”

On the impending changes

“A lot of things that he told you guys. I’m just really excited to kind of get going.”

On how Frost will fit in Nebraska

“Like I said, he’s from here, he’s excelled here and he knows what he’s doing. I think it’ll be exciting to get us back to our roots and to get Nebraska back to where it was. It’s just something that I came here to do that, and we will want to accomplish that. I think he’s definitely the right guy for the job and we all trust that and we’re all excited for that.”

On how good coaches separate themselves

“Definitely trust. You can tell when a coach trusts you and when you trust a coach when you’ve worked together for a while. You can kind of tell when there’s a connection there. I think that’s what we want, and I think we’re going to get that from Coach Frost.”

On his confidence in Frost

“He’s going to require everyone to buy in and be 100%. We’re definitely just going to keep moving forward and I think that’s important. Just getting everyone to buy in is going to be the biggest factor for us being successful. We’re all really hopeful, but we also do realize there’s a lot of work to do. He basically told us that it will be fun and it will be exciting, but that comes with a lot of hard work and a lot of staying together through some tough things.”


Source: Nebraska Athletics