Monday Morning Quarterback: Who’s the greatest Husker football walk-on of all time – I.M. Hipp or Jared Tomich?

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Luke Reimer making power moves at ILB makes us think back to the storied Cornhusker walk-on tradition. Coach Tom Osborne said that with Nebraska’s state population disadvantage compared to the Florida and Sunbelt schools, “If we didn’t have walk-ons willing to come here, I think it wouldn’t be long before we very quickly became a second-rate program.”

With Coach Scott Frost pushing the Husker roster count back above 150, and renewed emphasis on the walk-on program, one of the most storied traditions of Nebraska football is coming back. This tradition has paid off big time over the years with a large numbers of quality players – more than 25 Husker walk-ons were even good enough to be drafted by the NFL.

I.M. Hipp rushed for over 2,814 yards and scored 24 touchdowns. He was the first Husker running back to have consecutive 1,000-yard seasons, and ran for 254 yards in a single game – a record at the time (1977).

Jared Tomich was a crucial part of the Huskers’ 1994 and 1995 national championship teams. He was a two-time first-team All-America selection. He had 91 total tackles — 26 for loss — and 16 sacks. He forced seven fumbles and recovered three in his three-year career.

Who do you think was the greatest Husker football walk-on – I.M. Hipp or Jared Tomich?