Monday Morning Quarterback: Do you see the Huskers beating the point spread against the Sooners?

Category: Football

How great is it to have a Nebraska-Oklahoma game back on the schedule? That the Huskers and Sooners haven’t played a regular-season game since 2009 is just not right. College football is made and based on great rivalries, and the shared, collective histories behind those rivals.If the Illinois game hadn’t been such a soul-sucking gut punch, we wouldn’t all be feeling like we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. That’s why we are all a little nervous about the national TV spotlight on the Husker / Sooner game. But, what an opportunity for Big Red to show that the recruiting, hard work, staff adjustments, and investments in the program are starting to pay off. Oklahoma had a tough game against Tulane, and yes they wiped up the floor with Western Carolina, but the Southern Conference is a far cry from MAC.

What do you think – do the Huskers stomp all over the spread and make a game of it in Norman?