Mick Stoltenberg: Monday presser, 2017 Ohio State

By NU Athletic Communications
Nebraska Football

Weekly Press Conference
Monday, Oct. 9, 2017
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Pre-Ohio State

Defensive Tackle Mick Stoltenberg
On the physical toll it takes to face back-to-back top-10 opponents
“It’s something you have to prepare for. It’s the reason we do conditioning all summer and things like that. We continue to work out throughout the season. It’s for games kind of down the stretch like these that I think we’re going to be ready for.”

On what the team needs to improve on
“We definitely have a lot to work on. There’s always a few positives in every game. Obviously this one probably has a lot more negatives than positives when we go back and watch the film. We need to be a lot more disciplined in our run fits. That’s one thing. We need to be more physical I think on every level. I think it just goes back to the way we practice and the way we prepare.”

On the defensive line
“In some of those outside zone plays where they are trying to stretch you from sideline to sideline, it’s easy to get out of your gaps if you’re not moving fast enough or if you’re not in the right position or you don’t come off the ball the right way. That’s one thing we definitely have to look over in the film when we watch today and it’s something we can definitely work on in practice with the scout team. ”

On if it’s hard to get back up after a game like Saturday
“I think it can be, especially for guys that haven’t been through it. It’s going to be really important this week that some of our leaders step up and guys kind of bring everyone along. If this week starts out wrong and we don’t prepare well right off the bat, it’s definitely one of those games that can get away from us so we need to just step up and bring everyone along and make sure we’re on the same page. After things don’t go your way, it is obviously a lot harder to come and be motivated the next week and it’s something, like I said, that needs to start with the players and with that leadership we have. ”

On preparing for Ohio State pace
“We have had some experience with teams like that. It’s something you can draw back on and go back into those game plans. Every week is a lot different and every team is a lot different. It’s something we look at with our scouting report. Every team offers a different problem with our preparation and with our matchups. It does help to have some experience, but it’s still something we have to look at from the top down.”

On the biggest lesson learned against Ohio State
“The biggest lesson I learned probably for me – just kind of making sure you stay motivated and keep your head up. If I remember correctly, we played Minnesota the week after and we came out with a win. After we loss that game, some guys said enough is enough. We need to buckle down and prepare harder.”

On if he uses last season to help the younger guys stay motivated
“We try not to focus too much on last season because that’s in the past but definitely using those experience for the younger guys kind of helping carry them along.”

On the opportunity this week
“Every week is an enormous opportunity. Last week was, this week certainly is. That’s really all we can ask for is opportunities. Every week is kind of a fresh start. It’s frustrating that we’re in the position we’re at. I’m sure you guys know that, that we’re frustrated with some of the things that have happened, but our season’s not over yet. We’ve got plenty of football left to play. It’s a thing we have to take week by week.”

On how guys come together as team
“You definitely have to look at it from both ways (schematic and emotional). There’s a lot of that emotion, a lot of that playing together. That’s very vital. With that being said, you can’t get away from X’s and O’s and schematics, like you kind of said, because that’s very important as well, especially against good disciplined teams like the one we’re going to face this weekend. It is important to try to focus on both and I think that’s what we’re going to try to do for sure.”

On J.T. Barrett
“He’s just the definition of a dynamic quarterback. He can do a lot of things. He can make a lot of throws, also can kind of hurt teams with his feet. He obviously offers some problems for our preparation. He’s someone we need to look at and kind of prepare hard for. ”