No Place Like Nebraska:
Anatomy of an Era, Vols. 1 & 2

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By Paul Koch

The most engrossing and authoritative chronicle of college football ever, No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era Volumes 1 & 2 is an instant literary classic. Wildly entertaining, thoroughly informative and refreshingly honest, this effort peels back the curtains revealing the people and the process behind the 1990's 60 win-3 loss Nebraska Football dynasty and particularly the 1995 Cornhusker squad, a team often voted the greatest of all time. A must-have for any personal library, this magnum opus of biblical proportions is an all-access ticket into the late 20th century University of Nebraska locker room scene you simply can’t put down.
Paul Koch was associated with our football program during some exceptional years and Paul has, through extensive interviews, obtained unusual insight into those years of Nebraska Football. His book provides an excellent understanding of what made those teams exceptional.
–Tom Osborne, Nebraska Football Coach/Head Coach (1964-/1973-1997), Congressman(2001-2007), Athletic Director/ Emeritus (2007-2012/2013)

It’s loaded to the barrel with vignettes, anecdotes & incidents that piece together an incredibly accurate and entertaining narrative of that time in history. So don’t drop the ball. Read it.
-Charlie McBride, Nebraska Defensive Line Coach/Defensive Coordinator (1977-/1982-1999)

What I fleetingly described from the radio booth, Paul brings to life forever with insight only someone intimately involved could know and share. He preserves these teams on paper -warts, beauty marks, laughs, bruises & tears. A lasting tale of their unique path to unparalleled success.
-Kent Pavelka, Radio Voice of the Huskers.

Take an insider with connections and first-hand experience, add a passion for his subject (Husker football) and a desire to write how it was during a special time, and you have No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era Volumes 1 & 2
- Mike Babcock, Editor, Hail Varsity, author of Nebraska Football Vault and Heart of a Husker

Both humorous and touching. Paul does an outstanding job sharing the practice field and locker room moments that only players and coaches typically get to experience, bringing to life how Nebraska Football gathered young men from various cultural and economic backgrounds and forged them into a band of brothers with a common goal. So good that it took two volumes to set the record straight.
-Mitch Krenk, NU Tight End (1978-1982), Past President, Letterwinners N Club

Paul Koch was right there in the middle of a magical era in Husker history, a period on which many of us fans will always hang our Husker hats. To learn of so many previously unknown details –ones that raise eyebrows, elicit smiles & laughs, lumps in throats, as well as fists in triumph- makes this a must-read for any sports fan.
-David Mlnarik, Executive Director, Nebraska Sports Council

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