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About 3 or 4 miles southwest of the Mahoney State Park exit on I-80 between Omaha and Lincoln, there is a stream that runs under the interstate called (and I'm not making this up) Callahan Creek. After Saturday's 76 (gasp!)-39 butt kicking by the Kansas Jayhawks, Bill Callahan, his coaching staff, the players and indeed, the Husker football program are up that creek with no paddles in sight and with several gaping holes in the canoe.

If you're looking for things to cheer about after such a loss, it might be that (thankfully) this was a football game and not a baseball game. Football is a timed sport. In baseball, the offense can keep scoring indefinitely.

Think of that, Husker fans. KU could have easily laid a hundred (or more) on us Saturday. Just when you thought a nightmare like the Train Wreck at T-Tech in 2004 was a thing of the past, bingo, KU lays 76 on us.

I won't go into all the records this crop of Huskers made this week. You all know the cruel facts. Where does this football program go next?

It is inconceivable that there is a scenario in which this coaching staff will remain intact after the Colorado game. The question is who will coach the Huskers next year? The Internet is full of reports of Bo Pelini sightings and of meetings Bo has had with Tom Osborne. "You can go to the bank that Bo will be the next head coach at Nebraska", one writes. Another insists that Turner Gill is the guy.
But the candidate no one seems to mention, is Shawn Watson, the current Offensive Coordinator. Tom Osborne was (and probably still is) an offensive football genius. In Watson, he may see a younger version of himself. To be sure, Watson has all the tools to be a head football coach. He's young, energetic, talented, very classy, very confident and is a great competitor. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't be surprised if gets consideration for the position.
What happened to Husker play-by-play guy Jim Rose Saturday? He was conspicuously absent for the Husker-Jayhawk broadcast. Rose ain't talking. The network is mum. The silence is deafening. And why not Kent Pavelka? He does the PBP for Husker basketball games. He could have filled in admirably.
You know things aren't going well for Coach Bill Callahan when a local advertiser (First National Bank of Omaha) recently edited a segment on one of its local TV commercials. The ad features several of the bank's customers who offer testimonials about how they enjoy working with the bank. At the end of the ad, Bill Callahan appears, thanking First National for its support of UNL football. But since last week, the ad has been running without the Callahan part. Sigh...
Dear Readers: On behalf of the Northeast Kansans For Nebraska and the rest of Husker Dan's Army, I want to thank every one of you who have donated to Husker Dan's Army. Your donations have enabled us to continue to send Husker Care Packages to our men and women who are serving in the armed services in the Middle East. Your generosity has helped provide our soldiers with a touch of Nebraska football. Husker fans, you are the greatest! (See the letters below.)

Our job isn't over by a long shot, so please, please continue to support Husker Dan's Army. Make your checks to Husker Dan's Army. Send your donations to:
Husker Dan's Army
% Northeast Kansans For Nebraska
Bob Elliott
3405 SW Atwood Avenue
Topeka, KS 66614
Johnny Rodgers, Gary McGirr and Kenlon Johannes (Northeast Kansans For Nebraska) and I will be at the Huskerpedia Tailgate Party this Saturday in Lincoln before the K-State game. The Party is located in Lot 8 just north of Memorial Stadium-right under the pedestrian overpass. Be there!!!!
Note: The photos are of the Northeast Kansans For Nebraska tailgate party that was held in Lawrence, Kansas last Saturday. There are two Iraqi war veterans holding up the Husker flag in one of the pictures. The man on the left is Jeffrey Boyden is one of the Iraqi soldiers you helped send a Husker Care Package to. The other man, Patrick, is also an Iraqi war vet. The second photo is of Kenlon Johannes (left) with the Northeast Kansans For Nebraska (Topeka) and Ron Eilers who is with the Kansans For Nebraska in Wichita.

Dear Husker Dan:
I received a package the other day - WOW! Was NOT expecting that. Thank you SO much! Inside were two Husker flags. I am going to have both sent up with an F-16 on a combat mission on Veteran's Day (we are located on an Iraqi airbase after all). I am going to be greedy and keep one. Sorry. :) The other I want to give back to you all, with a certificate stating it was on a combat mission. Who do I have this flown in honor of and where do I send it?
You all are part of the Army and are an integral part of the war on terror. Thank you again!
Go Big Red!!!
Philip Wojtalewicz
A/CoS, G5 Plans
316th ESC
DSN 318-433-2410
SVOIP 241-1027

Dear Col. Wojtalewicz:
I will forward your email to Gary McGirr, president of the Northeast Kansans For Nebraska. Thanks, God speed and Go Huskers!
Husker Dan,
My name is SSG Mewhirter stationed in Camp Victory Iraq. I have been a fan of the Huskers since I was a young boy. I remember growing up hearing names like Jarvis Redwine, Roger Craig, Mike Rozier, and Turner Gill on the radio on gameday. I was a young man, 10 years old, when I locked myself in my room after we went for the win with a 2 point conversion and failed. I was raised with the Big Red. I know that the current situation with Nebraska is a hard pill to swallow, but in all the years I have been a fan I always have been and will continue to brag about the fact that I am a Husker fan. The only piece of civilian clothing I have here is a sweatshirt from the '97 National Championship game when we beat Tennessee. The funny part is my roommate as it turns out is from Tennessee and is a Vols fan. We joke around a lot about that game. As all Husker fans do, they let everyone know who their team is. I have taken a lot of grief this year because of what has happened with this team. I just continue to tell them that we will be back.
I write this letter because I want to thank you and everyone in Husker Dan's Army for what you do. We lead a rough life in the military, but those of you who support the military the way you do make it so worth it. I am grateful for each and every moment I get to serve all of you. When my career is over I will have fond memories of the support I received during these difficult times. So once again I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. One last thing, GO BIG RED!!!!!
SSG Jason Mewhirter
Camp Victory, Iraq
Ever since the Oklahoma State blowout in Lincoln last month, I've made it a habit of wearing Husker apparel each day-the bolder, the better. People who know I write about Husker football look at me in amazement. "How can you wear that stuff when the Huskers are so terrible?" they ask.

I tell them that when I wear red, I'm cheering for more than the present group of players, coaches etc. Husker football is much bigger than any one person, coach, player, offensive scheme-always has and always will.

When I cheer for the Huskers, I'm rooting not only for this year's team, but also for former Husker greats like Jerry Tagge, Jeff Kinney, Bob Churchich, Bob Brown, Turner Gill, Mike Rozier, Johnny Rodgers, Dave Humm, Vince Ferragamo, Jake Young, Wayne Meylan, Tom Novak, Bobbie Reynolds, Brook Berringer, Eric Crouch, Bob Devaney, Zac Taylor, Adam Carriker and everyone else who has come before the current bunch.

Husker fans, you still have a lot to cheer for. And you always will.

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