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Okay, so it wasn't a world tour. Not even close. Earlier this month, Mrs. Husker Dan and I were invited to attend the annual summer picnics for the Kansans For Nebraska in Wichita and the Northeast Kansans For Nebraska in Topeka.

Our first stop was in Wichita where I had a chance to speak to their group about Husker football, which is a subject near and dear to me. Ron Eilers, who invited me, asked if I would talk about several subjects:
1.) Husker Dan's Army
2.) The Husker coaching staff
3.) And an overview of the 2007 Husker football season

It was an honor and a privilege to be invited to speak to both groups, but what is really great about these events is getting to meet and visit with the Husker fans and their families who through the years, have contributed their time and money to support the University of Nebraska and its athletic teams.

These picnics are true family events, with people of all ages coming out to enjoy a little Husker Fever.

After the picnic, I was asked to sign the Kansans For Nebraska poster (see photo). All the people who have spoken at their events have autographed it. Before I signed it, I looked at all the other names on the poster: assistant Husker coaches George Darlington, Ron Brown and Charlie McBride. But easily, the most impressive name on it was that of legendary Husker head football coach Bob Devaney. This may sound silly, but I made it a point not to put my name near his. Devaney's signature on the poster is like Jefferson's on the Declaration of Independence. I just didn't think I belonged anywhere near such greatness.

The following day, Mrs. Husker Dan and I traveled north to Topeka where we met with the Northeast Kansans For Nebraska. I had spoken to their group a couple of years ago, so this was a reunion of sorts with some old friends. President Gary McGirr, his beautiful wife Bobbie, Kenlon Johannes and the rest of the group made Mrs. Husker Dan and me feel right at home.

It is always fun to speak to and visit with the many Husker fans who make these groups so successful. I made it a point to thank Gary and the Northeast Kansans For Nebraska for their work with Husker Dan's Army. Without their help, the Army would have never been possible.

Once again, thanks to both groups. You are simply the best!

The opener with the Nevada Wolf Pack will not be a cake-walk. This is a good (not great) opponent for the Huskers season opener. This will be quarterback transfer Slammin' Sammy Keller's debut. It will also be the first time the Huskers new Front Four will play as a unit.

It will be interesting to see who the place kicker will be this fall. Will Adi Kunalic be the guy? Will he live up to his hype? It will be interesting to see what effect the new kick-off ruling will have on the outcome of college football games this season.

Time will tell how good this year's Husker team will be. Sit back but don't relax; this year will be full of excitement. For Husker fans, the wait is just about over.

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