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Readers: Here is the latest email message from SSG Myles Frohling, Sr. For those of you who haven't followed this column, he is a devoted Cornhusker fan who has been serving his country in Iraq. Many of you have sent him letters, email messages and packages filled with Husker memorabilia that he has distributed to the people of Iraq. Myles also said that he would like to send an email to Nebraska head football coach Bill Callahan and the Husker football players.

Dear Husker Dan:
Hello how are you doing? Well I have to start off by saying that I cannot thank all the nation's Husker fans for all the encouraging words that have been sent to me. I will finally be getting back to my family in the next month or so. It is a long awaited reunion and I am hoping to spend some quality time with them in the weeks after.

I probably will not be able to email too much more after Valentine's Day due to the constantly changing locations that we will be experiencing. I am glad to know that I should be back for the entire 2005 season!!! One of the blessings of being stationed in Texas (bear with me for a minute) is that all the Big XII games that are televised are on T.V. Another blessing is very true this year. Nebraska plays at Baylor so I am hoping that maybe I will be able to take my family to that game. It probably will be nothing like a Husker home game but it is only an hour or so from my house.

I am hoping to be able to take my family to a home game as well but I cannot plan this far in advance. I need to be closing for now but again I am so grateful to be a Husker fan. We definitely have the best fans no matter what the season brings. Thank you again for everything and March is the month that I get back to the states for anyone who is following the progress.

SSG Frohling, Myles A., Sr.
410th Military Police Company
APO, AE 09310

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