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If you've been reading my column lately, you know there was an award to be given (tongue in cheek) next month to a person or entity that caused the most grief to Husker football fans.  Many of you submitted your nominations for this year's award.  The "Final Five" nominations were posted this week.

There was to have been a luncheon at a bar in downtown Lincoln.  It was to be MC'd by a radio personality.  T-shirts were to be given to the attendees.  The events were made up.  It was fake.  The award is fake.  The T-shirts are fake.  The whole idea was fake.  There is no such place (to my knowledge) as Lenny's Stumble Inn Sports Bar & Grill.  There is no one (to my knowledge) named Chip Chuckley.  It was all made up. 

The idea for the award came several years ago from readers who felt a need to recognize people or entities whom they felt were detrimental to Husker Pride Worldwide.   Readers said that cases such as the game officials who made horrendous calls in the '82 Nebraska-Penn State game, or opposing fans who yell obscenities at Husker fans at away games and opposing "fans" who slash tires of Husker fans should be singled out for special recognition.  The fans also wanted the award to include sportscasters, players, coaches etc.  Last year's "award" went to Lawrence Phillips.  The award was not intended to be damaging or hurtful.

But as the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  While my intentions may have been good, the results were not.  This year's "nominations" got out of hand and I'm sorry for any bad feelings I may have caused. 

HuskerPedia has elected to drop the columns pertaining to the award.  I fully understand their position.  I have already issued an apology to the people at HuskerPedia and am apologizing to you, the many readers of this great site.    I hope you'll continue to read HuskerPedia and Husker Dan. 

Husker Dan

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