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The response to my request for your predictions for this week's Texas-Husker game was overwhelming!!  I received over 200 responses.  Some of you gave me a play by play game analysis that included a dramatic win for the Huskers.   Many of you agonized over your predictions with "My heart says one thing, but my head says another".  Husker Dan took the liberty of editing your letters.  Here are some of your responses.
Gary N. (Texas)
It will not be a pretty sight. Brad Smith tore us up and V. Young is twice the athlete he is.  I'm sorry to say, Texas will win.  I have to live with these "frontrunners" for another 2 years.
Erich (Kingwood, TX)
I have more than enough confidence in Pelini's Blackshirts to allow Texas no more than 21 points, but unfortunately, I think our offense has regressed too much in the last 2 1/2 games for me to have enough confidence in our team.
Eugene (Omaha)
For starts, the game's on the road, I don't like Frank's record on the road at all and we always seem to make the other team's average players look like Heisman candidates.
Lennie (???)
"The Curse of the Mushburger" 
Whenever Brent Musburger is on at the microphone, the Huskers have trouble.
William M. (Scottsbluff, NE)
I can already see the Big Red getting off to a lethargic start on the road.  Although I bleed the scarlet and cream, I'm afraid the 'Skers won't be able to overcome a 10 + point deficit heading into the 4th quarter.  Hope I'm wrong.
Rob (Nebraska)
With Solich calling the plays, this offense will NEVER be a force to worry about.  Frank needs to go away.
Dave P. (Atlanta, GA)
As bad as Mack Brown is, he's still better than Solich.  The last time we beat them, we had Osborne's players and McBride was the Defensive Coordinator.
Ron (New Jersey)
Blackshirts will give a valiant effort in a loss.  NU offense couldn't move powder at a baby convention.
Jim B. (Omaha, NE)
Three reasons Texas will win:
1.)  NU has Frank Solich.
2.)  NU is on the road.
3.)  NU has Frank Solich.
Todd J. (Johnson Lake, NE)
Barney Cotton will tear his other calf muscle.  Huskers will lose because of bad decision making in the red zone and the failure of the offense to take advantage of opportunities..hmmmmmm, sounds familiar, doesn't it?
Todd adds:
"Now is the Law of the Jungle,
As old and as true as the sky,
And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper,
But the Wolf that shall break it must die,
As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk,
The Law runneth forward and back,
For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf,
And the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."
Tracy H. (Omaha, NE)
The Huskers will send a statement to the world: 
Phil (Lincoln, NE)
Our defense, while not as talented as Oklahoma's, is playing better than (Texas') and this is bad news for the Longhorns.
John (Lynnfield, MA)
Well, Texas week is finally upon us.  The week the men are separated from the boys, which makes it a week the priests in my neck of the woods are none too proud of. 
Last year, Roy Williams made Fabian Washington look like he was on the "Newlyweds:  Jessica and Nick" show...
We gained over 400 yards on (Texas) last year.  The question is, will our defense be able to prevent Texas from laying 500 yards on us?  I believe the answer is yes and that's why I predict the Huskers will win.
Rob (Albany, OR-a former Oklahoman for Nebraska stuck out in ugly duckling country!)
Texas has not impressed me at all this year.  They were never in the Arkansas game (which has a strong ground game) and got killed by Oklahoma (which has an incredibly fast defense just like ours). 
Major Che V. Russell (stationed in Washington, DC but grew up in Bellevue, NE)
Should be a good game.  Turnovers will be important.  The Cornhuskers only loss this year was when they lost the turnover battle with Mizzou.  Likewise, the Longhorns lost the turnover battle to the Razorbacks and Sooners.
Bigger picture:  As a member of the Armed Forces, I'm glad to see Americans enjoying everyday life....like football.  Whether NU or UT wins, everyone's a winner for living in the greatest country on Earth...defended by the greatest military in the world.
Nate (Denver, CO)
For once we have more pure athletes on the field who are bigger, stronger and faster.  Special teams will be another factor when we punt.  Field position will in our favor all day long.
Mike (Norfolk, NE)
Although the defense gives up 2 touchdowns and a field goal to the Horns, they score one TD of their own and set up four field goals in a Husker win.
Jon (Shawnee, KS)
This game is huge for the rest of this year and in future years because of recruiting.  Forget Pamplona, the Huskers will run over the bulls in Austin!!
Huskers more than 27
Texas, less than 25
Brent Q in Houston, Tx
If the Huskers win the field position and turnover battles, look for a Longhorn team, with rattled confidence, to fall at home.
Bill (Owasso, OK)
If the Huskers "A" team shows up, Huskers will win.
Husker "Dan" (Williamsburg, VA)
Bevo will be served medium well and the Huskers will continue their drive to the Big XII North title.
TSgt Schindler, USAF (???)
Blackshirts pin their ears back and ATTACK!!!
GOD, COUNTRY, FAMILY AND HUSKER FOOTBALL (depending on the day of the week,the above list may not always be in this order!)
Kim (San Marcos, CA-home town Omaha)
I'll go with what Jerrell Pippens said earlier this season:  "My chin strap is bucked tight, my mouthpiece is in and I'm ready to go full throttle."
Matthew C. (Lubbock, TX)
I like NU's chances in Austin against the 76th ranked rushing defense in the country.
Marc (Panama City, FL)
'Horns are soft up the middle and can be run on.  The Huskers aren't 7-1 by luck.
Doyle A. (Boulder, CO)
We're playing for something again, not just the Big 12 North or the Big 12 title, but a return to pride.
Jeremy (Weatherford, TX)
The fortunes will change this year and it's very simple why they will.  It will be because of Nebraska's ability to run up the middle, run the option and do play action passes.  Look what Arkansas did to this team.  We are also facing a freshman qb and unfortunately if Musburger is calling this game we will have to hear how great Young is.  By the end of the first half Nebraska should have him shut down and with a big lead by causing turnovers, special teams giving us great field position, and TDs besides FGs by the offense. 
I'm confident because this is not New Mexico State, North Texas or Rice that Texas is facing.  Twice this year Texas has faced a big time team and both times the Longhorns have lost.  Make it a 3rd after Saturday.
Ken (???)
The Blackshirts will rule the day.  Defense wins championships folks, and this one is going to redefine what that means.  I predict Vince Young will have a very, very long day.
Trevor (Athens, Greece)
I am personally sick and tired of hearing about Texas.  I am spending a semester in Athens, Greece and it's been tough getting through the Big Red season with only a computer to watch.  It would be a sweet moment if the boys form Lincoln could make something great happen in the Armadillo state.  GO BIG RED!!!
Brent (Portland, OR)
Both defenses will control the field.  Huskers will be beat on a long screen pass by Texas early in the 2nd half, but with ball control, good discipline and only 4 penalties the Huskers will win.
MSgt Douglas Onwiler (Alabama)
I'm a 20 year active duty Air Force member, raised in Nebraska but stationed in Alabama.  This game has the potential to be a blood-bath.  Texas won't go "horns-up" to the 'Skers without a serious fight, especially in their own pasture.  Blackshirts will rise to the occasion, but this one will be close.
Christian (Tulsa, OK)
I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that our Huskers will pull it out and finally break the Texas skid.  For as bad as Lord was last year, the game was very close.  And everybody knows Mack Brown gets all the talent, but can't coach it.
Rick D.(Nebraska)
I think this is the game that J. Davis returns a kickoff for a TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN!
Jeff C. (Oceanside, CA)
This is the year we get to plant OUR flag in the middle of the sod in Austin.  Kyle Larson will keep Texas in a hole all day and J-Lo will run for over 200 yards again only this time the game won't be close and Lord won't have to put the ball in the air.
NU 35-BBQ Texas Steer Burgers 10
Kevin (Overland Park, KS)
Defense will be the key (big surprise).  You know Pelini has been on the phone with his childhood buddies down in Soonerland getting as much advice as he can.  Pelini will get enough info to keep NU in the game.  Turnovers and an overpowering defense will deliver a win the The Big Red.
Jeff (Yorba Linda, West Coast Nebraska, aka, CA)
Nebraska is much better than last year and Texas is NOT as good as Horn fans want to believe.
Jim B (Plano, TX)
I am married to a native Texan and both of my children were born in the lone star state.  I have spent more years living in Texas than I did in Nebraska, but that will never change the fact that I'm a Husker at heart.  If you cut me, I will bleed Cornhusker Red.  My children were taught to say, "GO BIG RED" as part of their first full sentences.  My wife allowed me to get a tattoo on my left upper arm.  Of course, it's the Husker "N" with the word Huskers through it.  I am looking forward to eating Bevo-Burgers for dinner Saturday night.  As always, GO BIG RED!!!
Kevin (???)
Add up last year's game against Texas (the O was unstoppable) with this year's defense...one sided Husker win, baby!!!
Dustin (Valencia, CA)
I like the Huskers to beat what I think will be a lethargic Longhorn squad after they make some late mistakes.
Benjamin O. (Waco, TX)
I'll be there will my Nebraska flag (currently hanging in my dorm room at Baylor) to make sure that what I said will happen and I have never been more excited.
Jesse Z. (Boulder, CO)
I talked with several Oklahoma fans last weekend and they all made it sound like the Longhorns are really lacking in confidence.
And there you have it.  All there's left to do is for Husker Dan to offer his prediction.  Thanks to all of you who took time to send Husker Dan your thoughts on the game.
HUSKERS                    31
THE EVIL EMPIRE                                    17