Husker Dan: Have the Huskers Reached the Bottom?

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Tell me it ain’t so.  Tell me I’m having a really, really bad dream.
What am I talking about?  The odds makers have established Nebraska as a (are you ready for this?) 6 point dog going into this Saturday’s game with Purdue.  That’s not Minnesota, Iowa or Northwestern, but PURDUE!!!!  That’s right-the same 3-4 Purdue team that last week lost at Rutgers, a team Nebraska beat 27-17 at home!
 A dog to 3-4 Purdue team?  Are you freaking kidding me?
And get this, did you ever think you’d see the day that Iowa State would be ranked and Nebraska not?
And Scotty Frost’s Central Florida Knights are 6-0 and ranked, too.
What in the name of Bob Devaney is going on here?
Well. times have changed, haven’t they?
And it’s not just Nebraska.  It’s the crazy world of college football.  Here are the records of some of college football’s former powerhouse programs after the eighth week of action.  (Maybe this should be called the “Misery Loves Company” section.)
OREGON (4-4)
This is the team that steamrolled the Huskers in the second game of the season running up 42 points on Nebraska IN THE FIRST HALF!  And since then, they’ve lost to UCLA, Stanford, Washington State and Arizona State.  Crazy.
TEXAS (3-4)
Yes, they’ve played a tough schedule, losing to teams like Oklahoma, USC and Oklahoma State).  And yes, the bovines have a new head coach and they haven’t played well for several years, but this is still a formidable program.
Florida?  This once powerful football program is just keeping their collective heads above water.
What is going on around here?  Is nothing sacred any more?
Didn’t they beat Northern Illinois, the team that beat the Huskers?  Yup.
Didn’t they just beat Clemson a couple of weeks ago?
The ‘Cats are struggling.  Is this Bill Snyder’s last year?
No comment.
(And BTW, Arkansas State, a team that nearly beat Nebraska sits at 4-2.  And Northern Illinois, a team that beat Nebraska is 5-2.)
Yes, Scott Frost’s team is ranked.  And because NU had a bye week (didn’t they have one the week before that…?), a lot of Husker fans tuned in Saturday to see the battle between the 5-0 UCF Knights and the 5-1 Midshipmen of Navy.  Frost’s team looked well coached, his players can run, pass, tackle (!) and play good defense.  Sigh… (That’s two sighs in one column.)
I know, many of you think I spend too much time writing about Scott Frost. Well, I’m sorry if I do.  Okay?
So have a Knights day, I mean, have a nice day…
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