Husker Dan: Husker “Frostration”

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Scott Frost
Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost heads towards the locker room before halftime


I feel sorry for Scott Frost – not financially (he has a 7-year, $35 million contract that pays him over $400,000 a month).  But had he said no to Bill Moos in 2018, Frost probably would still be leading his Central Florida Knights to perhaps another successful season and looking to go to another good bowl game.  He and his staff would be coaching in their shirtsleeves, basking in the warm Orlando, Florida sun.

But Frost took the road less traveled and headed north for Lincoln, Nebraska to try to restore his alma mater to its once lofty position at the top of the college football world.

But after 1¾ seasons, his once proud Husker football program is stuck in the middle of a dismal 4-5 season.  The high expectations of the 2019 football season have quickly faded in the Huskers’ rear view mirror.  And the three remaining regular-season games look very daunting.

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas”?

The 2019 year could mean another “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” season for the Big Red.  Another year at home.  With no bowl game to prepare for.

People want quick fixes, but, as I’ve said before, Nebraska didn’t get into this mess overnight and it won’t climb out of it any time soon.

And did we really think Frost was going to be the miracle worker in his second year at Nebraska?  Did we really think that, or did we all just drink too much Kool-Aid?

Let’s think about this for a minute.  What do Scott Frost and all of his assistants have in common?  (I’ll wait a minute.)

Answer?  Prior to coming to Nebraska, Frost and every member of his staff came to Lincoln without any experience in recruiting, coaching or knowing how to win in the Big Ten.  Let that sink in awhile.

Is it possible that what worked at Central Florida might not necessarily work at Nebraska or in the conference?

We all need to remember that out of his first three years as a head coach (2 at UCF and 1 at NU), Frost has posted two losing seasons and is inching closer to having another one this year.

It very well could be that Scott is just getting started in his head coaching career-that he is learning what works and what won’t work in the Big Ten Conference.

Case in point:  Before his first season as the HC at Nebraska, Frost was asked about how he was going to have to adapt his offense to the defenses in the B1G.  To that he replied, “We’re hoping their defenses are going to have to adapt to our offense.”

Well, Frost’s first 21 games at Nebraska, something is wrong.  Terribly wrong.

And when Husker A.D. Bill Moos was asked earlier this year how he would define success for the 2019 Husker football season, he said “play in a bowl game.”

I wonder what’s going through his mind now as he sees the Husker football program losing to a team like Purdue last Saturday.  And what will happen if the Huskers (God forbid) win only 4 games this year?

And what I’ve been saying are just the facts.  My words are not an indictment of Scott Frost and his staff.  Quite the contrary.  I still think Frost is the guy to restore the Husker football program, but it’s just going to take time.  We’ve all wanted to anoint him as the Miracle Man, but there is a lot more work ahead.

If by some miracle the Huskers make it to a bowl game this year, Husker fans should dance in the streets.  Either way, this is going to be a long, bumpy ride.



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