Husker Dan: A true Husker story for the ages

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Fellow Omahan and longtime friend Jerry Kohll recently told me a story about a friend of his (we’ll call him Jacob) who had an experience he won’t soon forget.

Jacob is not only a big Husker fan, but he is also a well known scientist who has worked for years at a medical center in Omaha.  A few years ago he decided to take a one year sabbatical to Israel.
While he was there, one of his colleagues, who at the time was living on the West Bank in Jerusalem, invited Jacob to dinner one night.  (The West Bank is populated mainly by Arabs, many of whom have long been hostile to the state of Israel.)

And now the story.

When he got to the city of Jerusalem, Jacob, who is small in stature, was unfamiliar with the surroundings and had to park his car several blocks from his friend’s house.

The two had an enjoyable dinner that night, and as daylight was fading, it was time for Jacob to make his way back to his car.

As he began walking, he passed by a house and noticed a menacing man sitting on the front porch, holding a large gun in his lap.

The man stood up and shouted “Wait! Wait!”

Jacob ignored the demands and continued to walk.  And to his horror, the man started to follow him.  So Jacob picked up his pace.

Jacob walked as fast as he could.  And so did his pursuer.

The faster Jacob walked, the man in pursuit walked even faster.

Finally the man caught up with him and grabbed Jacob’s shoulder.  It was then Jacob did what most people would do under those circumstances.

He peed his pants.  That’s right.  Peed his pants.

Jacob thought he was going to die.  Right there in Jerusalem.  All alone.  Miles away from his home in Omaha.

But instead of killing him, the man said, “I saw your sweatshirt that has the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers on it and I just wanted to say that when I attended Oklahoma University, your football team used to always beat the heck out of us!”

And just like that, the two parted ways.

End of story.

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